The Legend Of Clark Kessinger

By Clark Kessinger

  1. Ragtime Annie
  2. Sally Ann Johnson
  3. Red Bird
  4. Salt River
  5. Over The Waves
  6. Poca River
  7. Chinky-Pin
  8. Flop Eared Mule
  9. Chicken In The Barnyard
  10. Turkey Knob
  11. Leather Britches
  12. Billy In The Lowground
  13. Dance All Night
  14. Wednesday Night
  15. Sandy River
  16. Hell Among The Yearlings
  17. Sally Goodwin

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Clark Kessinger who? 😏

Who is Clark Kessinger? I was so hoping to find out something about this recording in the comments, please?

So I take you really don’t give a damn? I was hoping you’d have something of use to add interest and value to the half dozen or so recordings in a row you’ve added here, but if you really don’t know or don’t care or the interest is only superficial, well, you wouldn’t be the first or the last with little to offer…

"The Legend of Clark Kessinger"

County Records, 1996‘The-Legend-of-Clark-Kessinger’

"Here on compact disc is a re-issue of what many feel to be one of the best fiddle albums ever issued. West Virginian Kessinger had recorded dozens of tunes in the 1920’s for the Brunswick label, but had been living in obscurity when “rediscovered” by folk enthusiast Ken Davidson in 1964. These recordings were made shortly after he teamed up with guitarist Gene Meade and banjo player Wayne Hauser, who were to accompany Clark on most of his engagements & recordings. The 17 tunes here are a unique part of the mountain cultural heritage, featuring a master old-time fiddler in a highly dynamic, driving setting that makes for great listening. A wonderful disc & highly recommended!"

"Clark Kessinger (July 27, 1896 - June 4, 1975) was an influential American old-time fiddler. Many of his fiddle tunes made their way to other fiddlers or into the bluegrass music genre." ~

A couple of YouTubes:

Clark Kessinger

An overview of the career of Clark Kessinger, 2007 inductee in the West Virginia Music Hall of Fame. For more information, go to -

Clark Kessinger at Newport

Clark Kessinger plays "Sally Ann Johnson" at the Newport Festival

There’s plenty more listens to be chased up on YouTube…

"Clark Kessinger, Fiddler - Old-Time Country Music"
Smithsonian Folkways FW02336 / FA 2336