Complete Recordings

By Grinnell Giggers

  1. Ruth’s Rag
  2. The Gigger’s
  3. Gigger Waltz #2
  4. Duck Shoes Rag
  5. Cotton Pickers’ Drag
  6. Sunset
  7. Plow Boy Hop
  8. Uncle Ned’s

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What would be the connection between this recording and Irish traditional music ?

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Same could be asked of the whole batch this poster just added.

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‘Grinnell Giggers’ who?

Using that catch all term, and suspecting that this is also ‘Ozark’ based, without doing a search to confirm that one way or another, that part of the country and its music were in greater part populated by the ‘Celts’, a hell of a lot of Scots and Irish. It’s pretty clear and I’d have thought relatively easy to see that in the music…

? 😏 ? ~ What? ~ Who? ~ Where? ~ Why? ~ When? - - -

But I do wish they wouldn’t just dump a track list and run, that they’d have the courtesy, interest and passion for this music and these recordings to offer up some comment, and a little explanation, to fill in the blanks…

The Grinnell Giggers ~ having done a bit of giggin’ myself
The Grinnel Giggers

"The Grinnell Giggers were from the area around the Missouri-Arkansas bootheel, near an inlet from the Mississippi River named Big Lake. In fact, the band took its name from a type of fishing ~ The band’s leader was fiddler Ben Tinnon, who had been born in 1891 ~ The Memphis session — the only time this band recorded — yielded eight sides, most of them originals composed by Tinnon. ~ "
The Roots Music Listening Room ~
j15079 Grinnell Giggers RUTH’S RAG
j15079 Grinnell Giggers DUCK SHOES RAG
j15079 Grinnell Giggers COTTON PICKER’S RAG
j15079 Grinnell Giggers SUNSET WALTZ
j15079 Grinnell Giggers PLOW BOY HOP
j15079 Grinnell Giggers UNCLE NED’S WALTZ

& Youtube ~ where you’ll find more of the fiddling of Grinnell Giggers

Grinnell Giggers Plow Boy Hop VICTOR 23675

Memphis, TN Wednesday, November 26, 1930 Ben Tinnon, fiddle; Melvin Paul, mandolin; Grover Grant, guitar.

Grinnell Giggers- Gigger’s Waltz #2

The Grinnell Giggers ~ Cotton Pickers Rag

Unfortunately it seems the person who submitted this run of old time recordings has no interest in increasing the value or interest of their submissions by adding comment.

Will remember not to slack next time! Thanks for your patience.

Here’s all of their recordings, available on one playlist.

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After a few weeks of tracking descendants, searching the archives, obits, etc., I had managed to find where both Ben, and Giggers’ banjo picker, Melvin Paul, were buried, and finding that they had no listing on Find-A-Grave, added a bio, and internment record as well.; (Ben Tinnon); (Melvin Paul)

Also, these fellas aren’t an Ozark band. They don’t play anything close to what’s played in the Boston mountains.
County, like many other labels, didn’t do their research, and featured them on Echoes Of The Ozarks, along with the likes of Hiter Colvin, from Colfax, LA, Hinman & Sharp, Fiddlin’ Bob Larkan, and Albert Ward, both from Eastern Arkansas.

In fact, NONE of the groups featured on Echoes of The Ozarks actually played traditional Ozark music. They were playing Skillet Licker covers, and other popular songs and tunes recorded and available at the time.

Also thought I’d mention that the traditional instrument of the Ozarks is the fiddle, not the banjo, autoharp, dulcimer, or mandolin. That’s for all you folks that have visions of mountaineers frailing a banjo, or strumming a dulcimer in some dark Ozark holler. The Ozark folk center is a joke, along with the folks running it, and it’s just a bunch of ”old time” ripped off Appalachian bullsh*t. For the real deal, check out!

Cheers πŸ™‚

Mea culpa! ~ and glad of it that I was wrong… πŸ˜‰ Thanks Pat, much appreciated…

Ozark Traditions Dot Org

Uh oh! Curious! ~ Hmmmm!? ~ In their home page picture there’s a mandolin, a guitar, a bass drum, a music stand ~ and nary a fiddle in sight… πŸ˜‰