It’s New

By Winston ‘Scotty’ Fitzgerald

  1. Miss Hutton
    The Braes Of Tullimet
    Miss Johnson Of Pitworth
  2. Crawford Street
    Janet Beaton
  3. The Firefly
    The Horn
  4. The Haggis
    Caber Feidh
  5. James F. Dickie’s Delight
    James Scott Skinner
    Miss E. MacLeod
  6. The Wizard
    Gan Ainm Clog
  7. The Mill Of Newe
    Mrs. J. Forbes
  8. The Old Dutch Churn
    Cape North
  9. Welcome To Your Feet Again
    The Bonnie Lass Of Fisherrow
    The Bird’s Nest
  10. Springbank House
    The Devil’s Delight
  11. Cape Wrath
    Miss Jeanette Beaton
  12. Tom MacCormack

One comment

“Winston “Scotty” Fitzgerald: It’s New”

Celtic CX 40 / CX5 40 - LP / cassette

Winston “Scotty” Fitzgerald - violin
Beattie Wallace - piano
Estwood Davidson - guitar

Sleeve notes ~

Beattie Wallace - Cape Breton’s finest Scottish pianist is from Cox’s Heath, Cape Breton and has played with Scotty for many years.

Estwood Davidson - A long time member of Scotty’s band, Estwood is, without doubt, one of the greatest rhythm guitar players in this country and does not only confine his talents to Scottish music but is well known in other fields of music.