Winston Scotty Fitzgerald And His Radio Entertainers

By Winston ‘Scotty’ Fitzgerald

  1. Crossing The Minch
    The Farmer’s Daughter
  2. Southern Melodies
    The Polo March
  3. Mrs. Beatty Wallace
    The Red Shoes
  4. Canty Jeanie Munroe
    Miss Lexie Smith
    The Arthur Seat
  5. The Canty Old Man
    The Favorite Flirtation
  6. The Lass Of Corrie’s Mill
    The Fisher’s Wedding
    The Perth Assembly
  7. George I. Taylor
    The Marquis Of Huntley
    Colonel McBain
  8. The Poppy Leaf
    The Beautiful Swannee River
  9. The Champion
    Miss Gordon Of Park
  10. The Plains Of Boyle
    Lord Gordon
  11. Alex R. Findlay
    Mrs. Dundas Of Arniston
  12. The Ferry Bridge
    Queen Of The West