The Ceilidh Trail

By Howie MacDonald

  1. The Willow Tree
    The Donegal
  2. Kenmure’s Awa’
    The Murray River Bridge
    Jerry Holland’s
  3. Lady Doune
    Lennox To Blantyre
    Dan Galbey’s
    Sister Dolena Beaton’s
  4. Gramin
    Jabe Meadow
    Compliments To Doug MacPhee
  5. A Memory Of Angus
    Charles MacCuspic’s
    The Piper’s Whim
  6. Loch Na Gar
  7. The Clark Road
    The Bag O’ Gight
    The Witch
    Biodagair MacThomas
  8. Betty Matheson’s
    Mike Saunders’
    Swingin’ On Home
    The Silver Spear
    The White Leaf
  9. The Skye Boat Song
  10. Cheticamp
    Dave MacNeil’s
    Miss Smyth Of Methevans
  11. The Lochaber Gathering
    The Kames Lassies
    Hayfield House
    Joe Moroze’s
  12. The Cape Breton Symphony
    The Wise Maid
    The Holly Bush
  13. The Maid Behind The Bar
    John Howat’s
  14. Lady Montgomery
    The Gandy Dancers
    Uncle Victor’s
  15. Miss Ann Campbell
    The Green Tree
    The “Buddy”
  16. The Old Man’s Delight
    Portland Fancy
    Cronin’s Favorite
  17. Far From Home
    The Ale Is Dear
    The High
  18. Castle Newe
    The Devil In The Kitchen (Strathspey)
    King George IV
    King George IV
    The Old King’s
    Colonel Thornton
    The Reconciliation
    Lady Glenorchy
    The Magnetic
    Sean Maguire’s
  19. Compliments To Sean Maguire
    Swiss Cheese
    Compliments To Doug MacPhee
    Celtic Cousins
  20. Harvey Beaton’s
    Miss Lyle
    The Old Man And The Old Woman
    The Cavity Investigator’s
    The Fashion Which The Lasses Have
  21. Lots Of Pretty Girls
    Ciaran Tourish
    Brennan MacDonald’s

Ten comments

"Howie MacDonald: The Ceilidh Trail" ~ & friends

Atlantic Music Ltd., Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada - 2007
CD - ATLD 0193

Howie’s a great charm and a wonderful character, and his music definitely gets under the feet to give them something to be happy about, as it is hard to keep still when he’s at the dance music.

Howie & YouTube ~ and there’s much more can be found with a simple search

Howie MacDonald: Colours of Celtic

A very interesting insight on Cape Breton music by Howie MacDonald. This video includes commentary, music and comedy by Howie MacDonald.

Brenda Stubbert & Howie MacDonald - live @ ECMA 2010 - Celtic Colours Festival Club Stage

Howie MacDonald - at the Fesitval of Small Halls in Munn’s Road, P.E.I., Canada

Howie MacDonald A Cape Breton Fiddler - with Dave MacIsaac on guitar

Filmed by sam Ruest in Cape Breton Oct. 2006 at the Red Shoe Pub.

John Morris Rankin & Howie MacDonald - 1986 Mabou Ceilidh

John Morris Rankin and Howie MacDonald play a set of tunes at the annual Mabou Ceilidh Days Concert ( July 1986 ) ~

Ceilidh / Square Dance

The more common term for a gathering of dance was ‘Square Dance’ rather than ‘Ceilidh’. Some of our regular places of stepping included "lunch served after 12", but never mentioning them meant midnight. ‘Ceilidh’ is a little uppity in some respects, the ‘Scot-o-philes’ who can take it all a bit too seriously, and often forget the ‘other’ influences that made Cape Breton music and dance what it is. And yes, Cape Breton too has damp and dark places and issues, without any doubt. - There too are worms and wood rot. 😀

"Howie MacDonald: The Ceilidh Trail" ~ & the friends

Howie MacDonald ~ fiddle & keyboard
Dougie MacDonald ~ fiddle (twin fiddles, live cuts with Howie)
John Morris Rankin ~ piano, guitar, bass guitar (track 6)
Tracey Dares ~ piano (live cuts)
Sandy MacDonald ~ guitar
Paul MacDonald ~ guitar (live cuts)
Jimmy Rankin ~ percussion (track 9)
Barry Keanne ~ percussion

‘Live Cuts’ - Live Square Set / Dance
Tracks 15 - 21

Track 7, second tune: Bag o’ Gight?
Surely better known as The Bog o’ Gight.

Maybe it’s a Howie joke.

Thanks Donald, yes, it is Howie’s little joke… Rather than change it I’ll add it to the alternate titles. I usually try to come back and check for corrections after just adding things as they are listed on the recordings.

Much appreciate… 😉

Hey, it doesn’t seem to be in the database!?

No, it is indeed not in the database.
I note, incidentally, that Alan Snyder lists the tune under the title Bag o’ Gight even though all other Cape Breton releases list it as Bog.