Folktrax-073: Johnny & Michael Doherty, The Fiddler & The Fairy

By Johnny Doherty & Michael Doherty

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  1. The Flowers Of Edinburgh
  2. The Little Sheep
  3. Paddy’s Rambles
  4. Easter Snow
  5. The Fox Hunt
  6. The Wee Weaver
  7. Biddy Of Muckross
  8. Story - The Poor Boy And The Millionaire’s Daughter
  9. Twisting The Hayrope
    The Girl Who Was Too Smart For The Fiddler
  10. The Fiddler And The Fairy
  11. Story - St. Colmkille And The Rope Of Hay
  12. Peter Street
  13. Story - St. Colmkille And The Three Week Sleep
  14. The Hare And The Hounds
    The Foxhunter’s
  15. Stories X 2 - St. Comkille’s Two Curses
  16. Miss McLeod’s
    The Broken Bridge

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“Folktrax-073: Johnny & Michael Doherty, The Fiddler & The Fairy”

First published by Peter Kennedy as a Folktracks Cassette, 1975

Notes: Two brothers, one a pedlar and the other a tinsmith, both fine fiddlers and storytellers, who come from the Finntown region of Donegal. On side A (1 - 8) for every fiddle tune Johnny can provide a good story. Michael tells more stories on Side B (9 - 16), including some of the parables fo the local St. Columkille.

15 folk tales and 15 tunes…

THE DOHERTYS can truly claim that their fore-fathers were minstrels to the Princes of Donegal. Their father, who was known locally as the “King Fiddler”, was a traveler, a general dealer, respected as much for his knowledge of horses as for his ability in handling a violin. His wife came from the talented musical family of O’Connells. They had six daughters and four sons, Johnny being the youngest, John, Hughie, Mickey and Simey (the last also being recorded by Peter Kennedy in 1952) all of whom played the fiddle.

All of these tracks were recorded in 1952.

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