A Tribute to Niel Gow

By Ron Gonnella

  1. Atholl Volunteers’ March
    Master Francis Sitwell
    Landlady Of Inver Inn
  2. Nathaniel Gow’s Lament For The Death Of His Brother
    Mrs. Chisholm Of Chisholm
    Inver Lasses
  3. Prince Charlie’s Quickstep
    Lady Charlotte Bruce’s Favourite
  4. Cam’ Ye By Atholl?
  5. Dunkeld Volunteers
    Niel Gow’s Second Wife
    Lady MacKenzie Of Coul
  6. Lady Ann Hope’s Favourite
    Mrs. MacDonald Of Clan Ranald
    Mrs. MacDouall Grant
  7. Miss Margaret Brown’s Favourite
    Miss Rae Of Eskgrove
  8. Niel Gow’s Compliments Returned To Mr. Marshall
    Niel Gow’s
    Hon. James Ramsay’s
  9. Earl Of Dalhousie’s Happy Return To Scotland
    Niel Gow’s Recovery
    Duchess Of Buccleauch’s Favourite
  10. Flora MacDonald’s Lament
    Sir George Clerk Of Pennycuik
    Ayr Races
  11. Lady Mary Hay’s Scotch Measure
    Lady Mary Ramsay
    Largo’s Fairy Dance
  12. Caller Herring
  13. Lady Dorothea Stewart-Murray’s Wedding
    Lady Charlotte Murray’s Favourite
  14. Miss Lucy Johnston’s Compliments To Niel Gow
    Duchess Of Atholl’s Slipper
    Miss Clementina Loughlan

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