The Rambling Irishman: Country Music Of West Clare

By Paddy Breen

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"Paddy Breen: The Rambling Irishman: Country Music Of West Clare"

Folktracks Cassettes, FSA-60-078, 1975


Paddy Breen was born at Kilmihill in West Clare, between Ennis and Kilrush. It was not until the early fifties, when he met up with other Irish instrumentalists in London, that he became particularly well known as a whistle player.

Recorded in London in March 1952 by Peter Kennedy whis recording also includes Michael Gorman, fiddler from Sligo, who also plays flute, Peter and Helen Kennedy, fiddle and English concertina…

On this recording Paddy Breen plays a type of vertical wooden flageolet sometimes known as an Orcon flute. On occasion he also played tin-whistle and transverse flutes, but the flageolet was his favourite.

Over 40 whistle tunes - reels, jigs, hornpipes, waltzes, as well as highlands (schottisches), "polkeys" - and Paddy sings "The Rambling Irishman" and "The Green Hills of Ireland". He plays a vertical wooden flageolet but was also noted as a tin-whistle and transverse flute player. Michael Gorman, the Sligo fiddler, plays flute with him for two tunes, "Mrs. Casey", and for the polkey "I Love the Girl With the Blue Dress On". (Recorded London 1952)

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