By Damien Mullane

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  1. Feehans
    The Seanamhac Tube Station
    The Orphan
  2. Emma’s
    Dhá Pholca Dálaigh
  3. Master Crowley’s
    Maud Miller’s
    The Musical Priest
  4. Damo’s
  5. P&O
    Trip To Dingle
    Tom Barret’s
  6. Eileen O’Neill
    Galway Bay
  7. The Hearty Boys Of Ballymote
    Leslie’s March
  8. The Burnham March
    Ed Breen’s
  9. Amhrán Na Trá Bainne
  10. The Traveller
    Bunker Hill
  11. An Chóisir
    The Game Changer
    The Jolly Tinker
  12. Siobhán’s

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Damien Mullane 13

I’m not the submitter but I think this is simply a superb record. The review you link to above reads like hyperbole, but in this case I think the writer’s enthusiasm is amply justified. Bravo Damien, great playing, lovely music.

Damien Mullane: 13

Accordion and Melodeon played by Damien Mullane. The album was recorded in Dingle in 2012 by Donogh Hennessy, who also plays the guitar and mandola on the recording. Dubble Bass played by Trevor Hutchinson, strings by Zoe Conway and keyboards by Éamonn De Barra. Guest musicians are John Joe Kelly (bodhrán), Dessie Kelliher (banjo, mandolin) and Pauline Scanlon (vocals).

I bought this album in Dingle last year at the official release party. I think Damien Mullane is a superb player, not only is he playing rhythmic and speedy tunes really great but also puts a lot of feeling into slower tunes. Originally from London, he is currently living in the Dingle Peninsula and can be heard in different pubs for gigs and sessions around Dingle during the summer season. I’ve seen him playing there many times and it never gets boring!

track list

I just picked up that track 10 is incorrectly linked to Phyllis’s birthday. It should be linked to The Traveller.