Take A Bow

By Matt Cranitch

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  1. The Providence
    The Pigeon On The Gate
    The Killavil
  2. The Knocknaboul Polkas No. 1
    The Knocknaboul Polkas No. 2
  3. The Cuil Aodha
    The Dingle Regatta
    The Glountane
  4. Taimse Im Chodladh
  5. The Luck Penny
    The Merry Old Woman
  6. The Stack Of Wheat
    The Galway
  7. The Broken Pledge
    The Crib Of Perches
  8. Madam Bonaparte
  9. Lord Gordon
  10. Tripping Up The Stairs
    Father O’Flynn
  11. Maurice Manley’s
    The Ballydesmond
    Dan Coakley’s
  12. Na Connerys
  13. The Price Of My Pig
    The Tullagh
  14. Danny Ab’s
    Dan O’Keeffe’s
  15. The Boys Of Ballisodare
    The New Policeman
    The Boys Of Malin
    The High Road To Linton
    The Monsignor’s Blessing
    The Wild Irishman

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These are all tunes featuring mainly the fiddle by Matt Cranitch. All are done in a very traditional style. He is sometimes accompanied by other players on various instruments.

All of the songs are in “The Irish Fiddle Book” by Matt Cranitch. This is a good CD for those who want to listen to tunes to learn them.

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Track 15 Take a Bow

Anyone know the name of the 2nd tune on track 15 of this album?
Comes after Boys of Ballisodare slip jig and before Boys of Malin and I think the beginning notes are B2BG A2GE| DGBG AGED


I don’t have this recording, but isn’t it more likely that “The Boys Of Ballisodare” is the reel of that name rather than the slip-jig, since it’s followed by another 5 reels ?

Re: confused

This is a slip jig Boys of Ballisodare.

Re: suggestion

This seems close, but I listened to it on the Stony Steps by Matt Malloy and it didn"t seem like the same tune.


I t seems that Michael Dwyers favorite is the New Policeman I was looking for. I was a bit confused because there is also the New Policeman which is the same as Belles of Tipperary. I think that somehow this should be shown when one clicks on The New Policeman track when looking at the Take a Bow recording post on this site

“Matt Cranitch: Take a Bow”

I love these recordings, so, not only recommending his well thought out tutor “The Irish Fiddle Book”, but also the first of three, his ‘demonstration’ recording, and these two lovely recordings he also produced to accompany it, “Take a Bow” & “Give it Shtick”. They have given me much pleasure and continue to do so, even if they are showing wear and need to be replaced… The CDs are on my priority want list… 🙂

Matt Cranitch: “Take a Bow” & “Give It Shtick” - available here too

“Irish Session Tunes: The Red Book” - the accompanying CD features tracks from both recordings…

“Take a Bow” - the musicians

Matt Cranitch – fiddle

Dave Hennessy – melodeon

Eoin Ó Riabhaigh – uilleann pipes

Bríd Cranitch – piano & harpsichord

Mick Daly – guitar

Tom Stephens – guitar

Colm Murphy - bodhran

“Take a Bow” = “The Red Book” ~ the CDs & the tracks

CD Tracklistings and correlations –

_2. ) polkas = track 17
_3. ) slide = track 11, tune 1 of 3
_3. ) slides = track 8, tune 2 & 3 of 3
_4. ) air = track 30
_5. ) jigs = track 5
_6. ) hornpipes = track 25
_7. ) reel = track 20, tune 2 of 2
_8. ) set dance = track 27
_9. ) reel = track 23
10. ) jigs = track 1
11. ) polkas = track 13, tunes 1 & 2 of 3
11. ) polka = track 15, tune 3 of 3
12. ) air = track 31
13. ) jig = track 3
14. ) slides = track 10
15. ) reels = track 19, tunes 3, 4, 5 & 6 of 6