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I feel truly honoured to be able to post this. Surely this is the best live recording of Irish traditional music in existence. Recorded on the final night of "The Se

All time fave

Thanks for posting this one. It’s one of my all-time favourite recordings.

It’s a shame it isn’t longer but they sure squeeze in some fantastic music into the allotted time.

The fact that it’s live gives it that extra edge.



este Donal é o demo do inferno

This album was an eye-opener to me

This album introduced me to Irish traditional music when I was 17 IIRC. I love it!
When I listen to Coast River it feels like it’s telling a story. One of my all time faves.

One point to note concerns the last set of reels (Tommy Peoples’, The Maids Of Mullach, Major Harrison’s Fedora). The Tommy People’s tune on the album is actually "The green hills of Glentown"
( rather than the other Tommy Peoples reel given (


There isn’t actually that much traditional Irish music on this recording.

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I guess you’re right!

@Kenny: Would you prefer me to have used something like :
"music inspired by traditional irish music" or
"music inspired by irish folk music" or…?
I agree it’s not really trad Irish music in itself. But it did make me interested in discoving trad irish music and music inspired by it.

Anyway, whatever it is, it has jigs, reels and polkas and lots of musical content!

Whatever it takes…..

Just an observation, "GoPlayer". If that’s what got you in to the music, great. There were some TV programmes of the Donal Lunny Band in I guess the late 80s / early 90s, one memorably featuring Matt Molloy as a guest, which I still have on video tape. One day I must figure out how to post some of those programmes on "YouTube". All the best with your music.

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