Aon Le H’Aon

By Eileen O’Brien

  1. The Fly In The Porter
    The Burning Brakes
  2. The Four Leafed Shamrock
    Patrick’s Night
  3. The Amir’s Delight
    The Humours Of Bahrain
    The Sheik’s Fancy
  4. The Dapper’s Delight
    The Pub In The Square
  5. De Bharr na gCnoc
  6. The Hills Of Tipperary
    Larry’s Favourite
  7. The Arra Mountains
    Father Burke’s
  8. The Hallowe’en Nut
    The Hangover
  9. Larkin’s Beehives
    Hanly’s Tweed
  10. Bruach Na Carraige Bána
  11. The Grouse On The Hill
    The Stormy Night
  12. The High Road
    The Surprise
  13. The Christmas Tree
    The Holly Bush
  14. Out In The Cold
    Gavin’s Piano
  15. The Man In The Tower
    The Empty Bar
  16. The Happy Man
    Cutting The Hay
  17. Larkin’s 25th
    The One That Was Lost
  18. Easter Snow
  19. The Swan On The Lake
    Dan’s Request
  20. Dinny O’Brien’s

Two comments

Aon le h’Aon

This is (almost entirely) an album Paddy O‘Brien’s compositions played solo on fiddle by his daughter Eileen O’Brien. These tunes are all included in the book she published recently, ‘The Definitive Collection of the Music of Paddy O’Brien 1922-1991’.
Also incuded are three traditional slow airs (tracks 5, 10 and 18).


*album OF Paddy O’Briens compositions

…won’t it be great when we get the edit facility…