A Stroll In The Park

By Larry Mallette

  1. In Memory Of Lloyd
  2. A Stroll In The Park
  3. Dilligar’s Fancy
    Black Mountain
  4. Stanley Steamer
    Fancy Footwork
  5. Falling Off A Log
    The Road To The Duck
  6. Caterpillar The Cat
    Robin’s Nest (the B&B)
  7. Her Long Golden Hair
  8. Smile And Wave
    Brings A Smile
  9. Flowing Tide
    The Upside Down
    The Fort Of Kincora
  10. Sands Of Time
    The Gargoyle
  11. Cloverleaf
    Look Right
    The Rolling
  12. Julie’s
  13. Porthole Of The Kelp
  14. Cúil Aodha
    Katie Farrell’s
  15. Chloe’s Wild Ride
  16. Anach Cuain
  17. Kat’s Delight
  18. The Bobbing Cork
    Boys Of Ballycastle
  19. Foxhunter’s
    The Foxes
  20. The Ten Keys
    Rambling In Riverstown
  21. Grey Eagle
    A Stroll In The Park

Three comments

A Stroll in the Park (2012)

The CD (available at http://www.larrymallette.com) has 28 original tunes in the Irish idiom and 9 traditional tunes, with guitar or keyboard accompaniment. The tunes can be viewed on the website and downloaded as ABCs or a .pdf file.

I recorded on four different flutes:
Six keyed C-flute of boxwood (Olwell),
Eight keyed D-flute of red coccus (Rudall, Rose & Carte, 1858-1871, #6225).
E-flat flute of brown coccus (Dan Godfrey Sons, London, 1890-1896).
F flute of coccus (Hawkes and Son, 1895-1930 A=462).

Please could you revisit your track listing and remove all the tune types from the titles, as advised by the posting guidelines? Currently, most of them don’t link to previous listings of the tunes and associated recordings.

Avoiding tune title confusion

In order to avoid confusion with tunes previously posted that have similar titles, I had to insert a few brackets and/or phrases in the track list. Think it’s pretty accurate now.