24 Cape Breton Fiddle Medleys

By Various Artists

  1. Archie Menzie
  2. Little John’s Hame
    Jamie Hardie
  3. The Wonder
    The Newcastle
    President Garfield
  4. Miss Ann MacCormack
    Sleepy Maggie
  5. The Marchioness Of Huntley
    Miss Maule
    Lady Glenorchy
  6. Teviot Bridge
    The Stool Of Repentance
  7. Duke Of Fife
    St. Kilda’s Wedding
  8. Rolling Off The Log
    Green Shades Of Gasque
  9. Maggie Cameron
    Honourable Mrs. Maule’s
    Archie Brown
  10. Tarbolton Lodge
    Johnnie Sullivan’s
    Keep It Up
  11. Miss Flemming Of Moness
    Mrs. MacIntoch Of MacIntoch
    Miss Watt’s
  12. Lady Anne Amelia Stuart’s
    Wigs Of Fife
    Susan Gordon’s
  13. Caledonia’s Wails For Neil Gow
    Sportsman’s Haunt
    High Road To Fort Augustus
  14. Barney O’Neill
    Jackson’s Fancy
    The Wails Of Lisearrol
  15. Willie Fraser
    Stephanie Marie MacLean
    MacKenzie Fraser
  16. March To The Rendezvous
    James Wares
    Miss Fogo
  17. Brookside
    Miss Russell
  18. Sir James MacInness
    Mrs. J. Forbes
    Mr. Jamieson
  19. Angus
    Ladies Delight
  20. Bachelor
  21. Bill Robertson’s
    Mrs. MacPherson Of Inveron
  22. Alex McEachren’s
    Lady Glenorchy
    Miss Scott
  23. Donald MacLean’s Farewell To Oban
  24. Mike Maloney
    Bessie Brown

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"24 Cape Breton fiddle medleys"

Celtic SCX 53 / CX5-53
Holborne Distributing Company Ltd.

Musicians & tracks:

Winston "Scotty" Fitzgerald ~ tracks 1 - 6

The Five MacDonald Fiddlers ~ tracks 7 - 12

Dan Joe MacInnis ~ tracks 13 - 18

Joe MacLean ~ tracks 19 - 24