Lost In Fishponds

By The Famous Five

  1. Walking Ower Da River
  2. Lost In Fishponds
    Jason’s Flying Guinea Pigs
  3. Swaggering
  4. Mr Preston’s
  5. Old Joe Clarinka
  6. Victoria Carrot Award
  7. Lucy Cassidy
  8. Roundabout To Chard
  9. Iain’s
  10. Sir Alex
    One Foot On The Salmon
  11. Sugary Pink
  12. Waves From The Caves
    Soldier’s Love Song
  13. The Robin Hood
  14. The Shores Of Loughgraney
    You Married My Daughter And Yet You Didn’t
  15. Tony’s Tune
  16. Among The Lilies

One comment

Lost in Fishponds

The Famous Five, some years after this 1994 recording, changed their name to Spiro, with the same line-up, which they still have to this day.
I believe this was their first commercial recording. It was on audio cassette so it’s probably difficult to get hold of now and may be a collector’s item. As far as I know, there isn’t a version on CD.
The track titles have several personal and local allusions - for instance, Fishponds is a part of Bristol to the east, Chard is a town in Somerset, and The Robin Hood is a Bristol pub well-known in its day for sessions.