Marche Du St-Laurent

By Raz-de-Marée (Tidal Wave)

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  1. Reel Du Colporteur
    Reel St-Ignace
    Reel De Minuit
    Reel Du Chaloupier
  2. Petite Brunette
    Marche St-Hilaire
    Marche Du St-Laurent
  3. Reel De Valcourt
    Le Step à Kenneth Murphy
    La Coquette à Poupa
  4. Jessica Griffin’s No. 2
    Valse Laurencienne
  5. Voilà La Récompense
  6. Reel De Windsor Mills
    Hommage à Jacques Biron
    Reel à Quatre
  7. Reel à Joe
    Reel à Jean-Luc Paradis
    Reel à Gilbert
  8. Quadrille Franco-américain No. 4
    Gigue Du Commerce
    Quadrille Franco-américain No. 3
  9. Reel Iroquois
    Reel à Marcel
  10. La Femme De L’ivrogne
    Maison 1676

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Marche du St-Laurent

Second recording from this Québec band, published 2010. Their first CD is on here under the English version of the band name (“Tidal Wave”).

Personnel: Sabin Jacques (accordions, bones, foot percussion), Rachel Aucoin (piano, vocals), Éric Favreau (fiddle), Stuart Kenney (double-bass, banjo).

Track 3b: Éric Favreau
Track 4a & b: Steve Jones
Track 6b: Philippe Bruneau
Track 7: Réjean Lizotte
Track 10b: Stuart Kenney

Samples here:


Unfortunately the site automatically capitalizes every word in the tune titles, which is OK for English (if you like that kind of thing) but wrong in French. Mercifully the word “à” was spared…

Identitairs Québécois

Identitairs Québécois at he URL is a great source for Quebecois traditional music and includes many of the tunes inclused in this CD.




Allan, what’s the point of posting this album here? There isn’t a single tune from the track listing which links to the tune database.

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I have no idea. I didn’t post the album track list. I just posted a data base that includes music to some of the tunes.


Marche du Saint Laurent

This track list is for their first CD and the photo on the link is the 2nd CD whose track list is below:
Reel de Boucherville / Dédicado à Joe / Reel des ti-minous
2. La Gueussinette
3. Reel de Valleyfield / Polka Chinoise / Clog Parizeau
4. Reel à Bruce / Reel de Terrebonne / Reel du Nord
5. Reel à Cédulie / Boudreault / Reel Indien
6. Quadrille de Beauharnois / Reel Américain / Reel de Bergeville / Reel du Bonhomme
7. La Valse Bernadette
8. Set des frères Pigeon: Répertoire Famille Pigeon / Répertoire G.Lajoie/ Reel St-Michel
9. Galope des Pionniers
10. Hommage à Philippe Bruneau / Reel de Beloeil / Hommage à Gilles Laprise
11. 6/8 des Rapides / 6/8 de Lachine / 6/8 de L’éclusier
12. Reel du Voyage

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@ jigtime » There isn’t a single tune from the track listing which links to the tune database.«

No indeed. Not yet.

So the point of posting recordings is purely to link to the tune database? Really? I could understand that were it not for the fact that a huge number of links to the tune database from recordings point to entirely different tunes from the ones on the recording. A database design problem (not a trivial one to solve in the context of Irish trad tunes, mind you.)

@ ph

» This track list is for their first CD and the photo on the link is the 2nd CD whose track list is below: «

I think you have that backwards. What you gave “below” is the track listing for their first recording ( )

This one (La marche du St-Laurent) is their second. As I pointed out in my first comment at the top of this page. 🙂

@jigtime above should’ve been @ scutcher, sorry.


I think the point “scutcher” was making - and he can correct me if I’m wrong - is that not a single tune on this recording seems to have ever been recorded by any traditional Irish musician, and there is a very, very large percentage of recorded Irish music listed here, certainly from the 1970s onward. What’s the point of posting such a recording, with no traditional Irish music on it, on a traditional Irish music website ?
Anyway, I’ve made similar observations in the past, and don’t really care any more. It’s Jeremy’s website - if he’s happy for it to stay, end of story.

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Kenny, and Scutcher,

If it were Jeremy’s intention to limit recordings to those from the Irish tradition, why are there no guidelines anywhere to that effect?

A quick search shows that there are loads of recordings on here by (for example) Scottish artists, some of which have very few links to the tune database. Have you objected to the inclusion of these records? Do you object to people contributing Scottish tunes to the database?

Recordings by Irish artists feature quite a few French-Canadian tunes, some of these tunes being in the database. Is there a problem with these tunes being on here, in your view?

From my point of view, there is every chance that some of the tunes in the recording I just posted will appear in the repertoire of Irish musicians in the future (I happen to know that it is circulating among a few prominent Irish musos) and appear here in the database. Would you object to anyone’s posting of those tunes in that case? And would you still object to this recording being listed, in that case?

Québécois music is quite closely related to Irish trad, indeed it owes an enormous amount to Irish trad, and there have been many exchanges between the traditions over the centuries. Also, it is clear that quite a few regular participants in this forum are interested in music from the Québécois tradition.

This is why I thought there is a point in posting recordings such as these. If I could be sure that they were seen as unwelcome by a broad cross-section of contributors here, or by the founder, I would reconsider.

Since you asked……

Whatever…………life’s too short. Best of luck.

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I did…

It is. Cheers.

Point follow-up

Actually, while not linked, I did find Quadrille de Beauharnois (aka Gigue des Touristes) abc-listed, written by Joseph Allard many decades ago. I’d agree that the tradition blends across the trad sub-genres, so happy for the inclusion of Tidal Waves’ tunes, along with the many other tunes.