Field Of Bells

By Rory Campbell & Malcolm Stitt

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  1. Opinions 1
    Sporting Paddy
    Annag Nic Iain
    The Giraffe
    Opinions 2
  2. MacLean Of Pennycross
    No Panteloni
  3. Airmail
  4. John Griffin’s
  5. Fred & Anna’s
    The Interviewee
  6. The Spree
  7. Field Of Bells
  8. Marchmy
    A Low Country Dance
  9. An T Ord Gallach
    Don Manson’s
    Paul’s Apple Tree
    The Islay Ranters
    Tar The House
  10. Wild Berries
    The Braes Of Mellinish

One comment

Great show of whistle and piping from ex Deaf Shepherd and Old Blind Dogs man Rory Campbell, with bouzouki etc accompaniment from Malcolm Stitt. Released 1999