The Bunch Of Keys - Traditional Irish Music Played On The Piano Accordion

By Various Artists

  1. Bill Hoare’s
    The Rookery
  2. Clarke’s Jigs
  3. Peter Wyper’s
    The Quilty Fisherman
  4. Fred Finn’s
    Larkin’s Beehive
  5. The Miracle Man (Air And Jig)
  6. The Boy In The Boat
    The Gneeveguilla
    The Boys Of Tulla
  7. Castletown Connors
    Sliabh Russell
  8. The Sligo Maid
    Lady Ann Montgomery
    The Green Fields Of America
  9. Gweneen
  10. Scatter The Mud
    Larry’s Favourite
  11. The Torn Jacket
    Bela Fleck’s
  12. The Boys Of Lough Gowna
    The Coming Of Spring
    Bubbling Wine
  13. Paddy O’Brien’s
    The Whistling Postman
  14. Jackie Coleman’s
    The Pinch Of Snuff
  15. The Gathering
    Lucy Campbell’s
  16. Paddy Fahey’s Jigs 1 + 2
  17. From Galway To Dublin
    The Wonder
    The Bird’s
  18. The Palm Tree
    Into The Woods
  19. Amy’s
    Cape Breton Reels Inc Hull’s
  20. A Stor Mo Chroi
    Hand Me Down The Tackle
  21. The Beech Tree
    Tom Moylan’s Johnny Watt Henry’s
  22. Laoise Kelly’s
    Princess Nancy
    The Mist Covered Mountain
  23. The Allenwood
    The Stack Of Barley
  24. George White’s Favourite
    The Little Hills Of Offaly
    John Kelly’s
  25. Madam Maxwell
    Pretty Biddy From Ballyvourney
  26. St. Patrick’s Night
    The Mill House
  27. Eleanor Neary’s
    Smash The Windows
    The Bag Of Spuds
  28. Walsh’s
    Donall McCabe’s
  29. The Jolly Tinker
    The Jug Of Punch
    Maudabawn Chapel
  30. Reel Of Bogie
  31. Queen Of The West
    Damp In The Attic
  32. Andy McGann’s
    Tumble The Tinker
  33. Maids Of Mount Cisco
    The Torn Jacket
    The Crooked Road To Dublin
  34. Joe’s 85th
  35. The Rose In The Heather
    A Health To The Ladies
  36. The Galway
    The Black Swan
    The Lass On The Strand
  37. The Ships Are Sailing
    The Sailor On The Rock
  38. Beare Island
    The Pig’s Ear

Four comments

Apt title for a PA compilation

"The idea to record Traditional Piano Accordion players for posterity was the brainchild of Philip Clarke, Edel Mc Laughlin, Dean Warner and Vince Jordan, following a discussion at Munster Fleadh 2011 in Ballincollig, Co. Cork. Each were very passionate about providing an educational resource that would depict individual styles and regional influences. This twin CD pack, with accompanying booklet, includes performances from seasoned traditional music performers from all over the world. We hope to continue the project as many more top performers await inclusion on future projects."

Artists are:

1 Alan Kelly
2 Marie McTeague
3 Sean Gavagan
4 Mary Finn
5 Martin Power
6 Gerard Moloney
7 Gerry Murray
8 Owen Condon
9 Jimmy Keane
10 Frank Kelly
11 Mirella Murray
12 Kathleen Boyle
13 Declan Payne
14 Mícheál Ó hEidhin
15 Edel McLaughlin
16 Mick Foster
17 Annmarie Accosta Williams
18 Dean Warner
19 Sinead Healy
20 Karen Tweed
21 Michael Tennyson
22 Catriona Collins
23 Richie Kelly
24 Seamus Meehan
25 Vince Jordan
26 Colin McGill
27 Paul McMahon
28 Pat McBabe
29 Oliver Loughlin
30 Frank Kelly
31 Noreen Boyle
32 Karen Gilroy
33 Kelly Winter
34 Katie Jordan
35 Moyra Fraser
36 Wilcil McDowell
37 Dermot O’Brien
38 Justin Quinn

28 - Pat McCabe

I’m not sure how Pat would take being called a ‘Babe’…


One typo out of all those titles and names and you just have to point it out…;)

Speaking of the devil, is that the same man who backed up Sean Maguire on the Incredible Amazing Cordovox? I’d figure as much. What goofy schtuff! That tape of Sean/Patsy/Guitarist I almost think the Man was trying to sabotage the show in some manner, with the worst fiddle pickup you could buy and the bellows operated Lowrey Fun Machine. It’s definitely not where I point people to see what they think of Maguire.

😀 thanks for the chuckles worth…