The Rookery

By Emmett Gill And Jesse Smith

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  1. The Boy In The Gap
    The Ragged Hank Of Yarn
  2. Black Eyed Biddy
    The Walls Of Liscarroll
  3. The Stoneybatter
    John McFadden’s
  4. The First Month Of Summer
    The Lame Fisherman
  5. Patsy Cawley’s
    Dinny Delaney’s
    John Blessing’s Delight
  6. Lillies In The Field
    The Lightning Flash
  7. Burns’s Farewell
  8. The Yellow Tinker
    The Girl Who Broke My Heart
  9. The Kilfinane
    Allistrum’s March
  10. The Concertina
    Scully Casey’s
  11. Tie The Ribbons
    The Bush In Bloom
  12. Joe Ryan’s
  13. The Rookery
    The Boys Of The Town
  14. Old Cuffe Street
    Mrs Galvin’s
  15. Darby The Driver
    The Noonday Feast
  16. Arkle Mountain
    Lady Gordon

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Emmett Gill & Jesse Smith: The Rookery

This is a lovely unaccompanied duet recording by London-born piper and Baltimore-born fiddler. The two musicians play a nice mixture of well-known and somewhat obscure tunes taken from varied sources, from old tune collections to the recordings of fiddle and pipes masters such as B. Casey, W. Clancy, S. Ennis, T. Peoples, L. Rowsome, P. Cronin, J. Morrison, and P. O’Keeffe.

I knew Jesse Smith is a skillful fiddler but didn’t know he’s such a nice fiddler to play with a piper until listening to this recording. Every track of this album sounds dozens of years old: you couldn’t tell it was recorded just a couple of months ago if not told so.

Jesse just recorded another album with John Blake and Mick O’Grady.

“O‘Grady, Mick, fiddle, singing in English, Jesse Smith, fiddle, & John Blake, piano, At my grandmother’s knee and other such joints, Smith, O’Grady, & Blake SOB001, 2012”

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