Party At Marion Bridge

By Perce Peters And Tracy Dares

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  1. Donald MacLean’s Farewell To Oban
    Athole Highlanders
  2. Regina Stubbert’s
    Danny Campbell’s
  3. Perce Peters’
    The Shennen
    Lord MacDonald’s
  4. The Orange And The Blue
  5. The River Bend
    There Came A Man To My Door
    The Hills Of Glenokarie
  6. The Soldier’s Cloak
    Gan Ainm
  7. The Ironville
    Dusty Bob
    Squirrel In The Tree
  8. My Lilly
  9. The Bachelor
    Chin’s Around The Fireside
    Gan Ainm
    Catherine MacIsaac’s Day
  10. Kitcherner’s Army March
    The Duke Of Fife’s Welcome To Deeside
  11. The Sweetness Of Mary
    Laird Of O’Drundlair

Two comments

"Perce Peters & Tracy Dares: Party at Marion Bridge"

Clearwood Records - CLEAR 002
Antigonish, Nova Scotia

Perce Peters - violin
Tracy Dares - piano

"One night I was at a party at Marion Bridge and I heard 77 year old Perce Peters playing the fiddle, accompanied by 15 year old Tracy Cares on piano. After hearing them play for a while a thought came to me: We have to preserve the music of Perce Peters and we have to introduce this fine young piano player to the public. So we called Ronnie GIllis and with limited facilities and late at night we were able to capture this much on tape. Not done in any fancy studio, so what you hear may not be perfect but well worth recording and preserving. So with the able assistance of Barney Peters and Tracy’s parents we put it all together. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did working with these fine people."
- Elwood Cleary

"Percy Peters and the Wild Cow" - Cape Breton’s Magazine, Issue 51

Cape Breton’s Magazine - editor Ronald Caplan

Issue 51 - cover
Issue 51 - index

Issue 51 -
Article: "Percy Peters and the Wild Cow"
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/2/1
- inside front cover
& pages 30 - 36