The Green Fields Of America

By The Green Fields Of America

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  1. Jackie Riordan’s
    Money In Both Pockets
    The Dungannon
  2. The Rambling Irishman
  3. Jim O’Keefe’s
    The Clog
    The Star Above The Garter
    The Hare In The Corn (The Cat In The Corner)
  4. The Islander’s Lament
  5. Fahey’s #25
    Molly On The Shore
    Bonnie Anne
  6. Across The Western Shore
  7. The Glendy Burke
  8. Planxty Miss Maxwell
  9. Down By The Tanyard Side
  10. The Bonny Irish Boy
  11. The New Irish Barn Dance
    Paddy McGinty’s Goat
  12. In The Woods Of Old Limerick
    Felix The Cat
    The Music Teacher
  13. The Catalpa
  14. Billy In The Lowland
    The Belle Of Lexington

Two comments

The Green Fields Of America

This CD was released in 2009, and I was surprised to find that it hasn’t been included here. I bought it in a recent Compass Records $5 sale, and think it’s one of the best recordings I’ve heard in years, songs and all.
Not surprising really, when you look at the list of musicians involved :

Mick Moloney - tenor banjo, mandolin, guitar and vocals
Athena Turgess - fiddles
Billy McComiskey - button accordion
John Doyle - guitar, bouzouki and vocals
Robbie O’Connell - guitar and vocals

Great sets of tunes, a great choice of songs, well sung by 3 good strong singers. Robbie O’Connell steals the show with his own song, "The Islander’s Lament", the best song I’ve heard in a long time.
All in all, highly recommended - look out for it if Compass do another $5 sale, but it’s actually worth the full price, and several are for sale on eBay at the moment.

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