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Album released on November 2012 by Hampshire based busking band Threepenny Bit. All trad. material (except Katie’s Waltz), where half the music is busking based (a la ‘Something…’) and the other half orchestrated by the band.

All material traditional…?

I know the composers of 5 of your "traditional" tunes there, [ apart from "Katie’s Waltz" ], and reckon 3, or possibly 4 of the composers are still alive. I don’t suppose they got any credit for their compositions on the album.

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Oops, my bad…

I did get a little brief in that first comment. You’re right on all accounts in your comments regarding the traditionality of the tunes, and I promise that all composers - alive or otherwise - have been credited in the album notes. Will post a copy of the insert here when I have it back from the print press 🙂