@Home Alone

By John Lavelle

  1. The Bucks Of Oranmore
  2. Up To Your Knees In Sand
    Maurice Casey’s Fancy
    John Brennan From Sligo
  3. Connie The Soldier
  4. The Concertina
    The Earl’s Chair
  5. Last Chance
    Johnny O’Leary’s
    The Glen Cottage
    Weaver’s Delight
    The Pat Enright’s
  6. Garret Barry’s
    Paiden O’Rafferty’s
  7. Summer In Ireland
    Peter’s Well
  8. Coalminer
    Heather Breeze
    The Turf House
  9. Maurice O’Keefe’s No. 1
    Maurice O’Keefe’s No. 2
    Jim Reardon’s
  10. Mouth Of Tobique
    Bill Wilson’s
  11. Golden Eagle
    The Sault’s Own
  12. The Trip To Durrow
    John Dwyer’s
    George White’s Favorite
  13. Joy Of My Life
    The Bloody Hollow
  14. Jackie Tarr
    The Flowing Tide
  15. Walsh’s Medley

One comment

Legendary John Lavelle

“Papa” John’s latest CD is appropriately titled “@Home Alone”. All of the tunes were performed and recorded in John’s home in San Jose, CA.


John spent many years playing the accordion for the entertainment of his family and neighbors quite outside of the Irish music scene. Now that the children are raised, he is once again concentrating on his music and hopes to share it with others, in particular the young folks, who might be interested in learning. He currently lives in San Jose, CA.

John Lavelle plays at O’Flaherty’s Irish Pub in downtown San Jose. The seisiun is every Tuesday night.