By Shelta

Added by Fabien .
  1. Swinging On The Gate
    Jimmy’s Return
    Trip To Cullenstown
  2. Seanamac Tube Station
    Christy Barry’s #2
    Biddy The Bold
  3. Rolling Wave
    The Maids Of Mitchelstown
    Once In A Blue Mosse
  4. Reel à Michel
    Boyne Hunt
  5. All In Good Time
    Headwood Crossing
    Winnie Hayes
  6. Cape Breton Wedding Reel #2
    Sean Ryan’s (Reel)
  7. A Hiudai Pheadair Eamainn
    Castletown Connors
  8. Lambing Storm
    Walking On The Moon
    Dan Breen’s
  9. Cleveland Park
    Kathleen O’Hehir
  10. Alice’s
    Ornette’s Trip To Belfast
    Repeal The Poll Tax
    Sheila Coyle’s