Casey In The Cowhouse

By Bobby Casey

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  1. The Glen Of Aherlow
    Rolling In The Barrel
  2. Jenny’s Welcome To Charlie
  3. My Love Is Fair and Handsome
  4. The Musical Priest
  5. The Shores Of Loughrea
    Clancy’s Dream
    The Pipe On The Hob
    Scully Casey’s
    The Banks Of Lough Gowna
    Brian O’Lynn
  6. Paddy Ryan’s Dream
  7. Toss The Feathers
  8. Poll Halfpenny
  9. The Yellow Tinker
    The Bunch Of Keys
  10. The College Grove
    Toss The Feathers
  11. Hurry The Jug
  12. Gerry Daly’s
    Scully Casey’s
    The Cuckoo
    The Western
  13. Banish Misfortune
    Kitty’s Wedding
  14. The Old Wheels Of The World
    The Green Fields Of America
  15. Connemara Stockings
    The Ships Are Sailing
  16. The Gallowglass
    The Legacy
  17. Miss McDonald
  18. Farewell To Miltown
    The Star Of Munster

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Casey in the Cowhouse

a friend gave me a copy of these tunes by bobby casey a week ago, and i’ve barely stopped listening to them since. since i have a copy of casey’s late-70s album, ‘taking flight,’ i thought i knew pretty much what i’d be hearing on ‘cowhouse.’ uh, wrong! bobby casey in his early prime was monstrously good. this is simply one of the best recordings of traditional irish fiddling i’ve ever heard.

all but four of the tracks were recorded in a converted barn behind junior crehan’s house in 1959. ‘cowhouse’ was issued as a cassette in the mid-90s, i think. it’s now out of print, but you can find it if you really look around.


Casey in the Cowhouse

Great recording and is surprises me that none of Bobby Casey’s recordings are available on CD, if anyone knows of any, please let me know, I did a fairly long search and came up with nothing, but I do have him on a few LP’s, Taking Flight and some compilations,

Grail Recording

Finally landed a copy of this - try and seek it out if you can. For those who are interested, track 14 is actually “The Hunter’s Purse / Green Fields of America” and Track 18 is “Mullingar Races / Hand Me Down the Tackle”.

Cowhouse mandolin player?

I know the concertina player on some of the tracks of “Casey in the Cowhouse” is Tommy McCarthy, who played for many years with Bobby Casey in London.

Does anyone know who played the mandolin on the last track, Farewell to Miltown/Star of Munster?

Sean Casey played the mandolin with his father

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This album available for DL again

If you want to read about why the recordings needed to become available AGAIN, it’s an interesting story. Here’s a link to the new recordings:

“Sean Casey played the mandolin with his father”

Something was not adding up here. By my reckoning, Sean was born in the mid-50s, so in 1959 he would have been very young indeed. (Great musician though he is - and I believe his talent was well in evidence by his teenage years - I had never heard that he was a ‘child prodigy’.)

Anyway, the ceolalainn link above reveals that four of the tracks were, in fact, recorded in 1971. It does not specify which ones, but if the final track was one of those four, then that would place Sean in his mid-teens.

Re: Casey In The Cowhouse

Tried 13 should be Banish Misfotune/Kitty’s RAmbles.