Sean Maguire

By Sean McGuire

  1. The Spey In Spate
  2. Sunshine
    The Bee’s Wing
  3. Four Courts
    Father Fielding’s Favourite
  4. Mathematician
    Golden Eagle
  5. Boys Of The Lough
  6. Maids Of Castlebar
    George White’s Fancy
  7. The Mason’s Apron
  8. Brennan’s Favourite
    Idle Road
  9. The Sligo Maid
    Sean Maguire
  10. Roaring Mary
    Tim Maloney

Six comments

Sean Maguire LP

Just got a copy of this old vinyl LP (no obvious date) from a charity shop
The sleeve credits piano accompaniment by Eileen Lane
EMI (Ireland) Ltd Music of Ireland Series STAL(I) 1016

Great Lp

Sean was at his hight here,did you no that this was a release of all of seans 78rec?Dave blumer made for seans 60th. hince "sixty years of sean maguire"
some great settings of tunes here and brill playing,sean told me he got some of the settings given to him by Ed Reavy himself like "The Boys of the lough and Roaring Mary"for some of these recordings
your one lucky man to find that in a carity shop i haveit on CD if you ever want a copy of it.
happy listening


Tune Titles

I suspect that the tune listed as "Spey’s Spate" is actually "The Spey in Spate", and the one listed as "Reevy’s" is actually "Reavy’s". Unfortunately I don’t have the recording to check.

tune list

your right THASTINGS with the tune names

sean mc guire

sean played in our town shortly before his passing, fearless and peerless! truly unique artist.

Sean Maguire recordings

Hallo Session,

Could someone say what Sean’s LPs are now on CD, and name a source?
I’m starting to play the accordeon again, and I had 2 LPs 12 years ago but gave up LPs and equpment.

I was at one of his concerts in london in the 1960’s. Fantastic.

A couple of his reels I have in my head, but I have forgotten the names, and I’d like to get the original recordings again.

James Doyle