Master Pipers in Recital

By Various Artists

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  1. Wille McCallum:
    Abercairney Highlanders
    John MacColl’s March To Kilbowie Cottage
  2. Alasdair Gillies:
    Inverary Castle
    Cameronian Rant
    Broadford Bay
    The Smith Of Chilliechassie
  3. Angus MacColl:
    The Eavesdropper
    Daniel Michael Coleman’s Father’s Fancy
    Delaney’s Drummers
    The Jig Runrig
    Wing Commander Donald MacKenzie
  4. Jim McGillivray:
    Time To Spare
    Sandy’s New Chanter
  5. Bruce Gandy:
    PM Angus MacDonald
    Far O’er Struy
    Frances Ganfy’s Diamond Year
  6. Rob Crabtree:
    Mrs. John MacColl
    Major Mason At Clachantrushal
    Maggie Cameron
    The Shepherd’s Crook
    The Smith Of Chilliechassie
    The Rejected Suitor
  7. John Cairns:
    A Love Song For Deborah Anne
    The Captain’s Pledge
    Cabar Feidh
  8. Willie McCallum:
    O’er The Moor Among The Heather
    Brohan Castle
    An Goisidich
    Dudley Lyle’s
    Rip The Calico
    In And Out Of The Harbour
    Put Me In The Meal Chest
    MacLaine Of Lochbuie’s
    Kastie Sings So Happily
    The Wedding
  9. Alasdair Gillies:
    Tommy MacDonald Of Barguillean
    Dickie MacPherson MacDonald
  10. Willie McCallum:
    MacLeod’s Oran Mor
    Mo Nighean Donn
    Oran Eirisgeidh
    Colin Mackay
    Turf Lodge
  11. Jim McGillivray:
    The Groat
  12. Rob Crabtree:
    PM Joe Wilson
    The Blackthorn Stick
    Snug In The Blanket
    The Kesh
  13. Bruce Gandy:
    The Crags Of Stirling
    The Ewe Wi’ The Crookit Horn
    Thompson’s Dirk
  14. Angus MacColl:
    Se Siabost As Boidhche
    An T-alltan Dubh
    E Ho Ro Tha Mi’n Duil Rith Bhith Tilledh
    Ho-ri Ho-ro Mo Nionag
    Iain A Luaidh Nach Pos Thu
  15. Alasdair Gillies:
    PM George Allan
    Good Drying
  16. Angus MacColl:
    Dr. McInnes’s Fancy
    Jimmy Blue
    The Rakes Of Kildare
    Fiddlers’ Rally

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