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Rhythm and head nodding like no other album this decade.

Does anyone have any info on the first tune - Ceapaval? I’m wondering if it’s not in fact the Harris Dance Tune or a variation thereof?



One of my flute students was giving me a lift to a session on Monday night and was playing this very CD. I’ve always known the tune as “Harris Dance”, after it was popularised by Alastair Fraser, possibly as early as the 1980s. “Ossian” also had a very unusual bagpipe version of it, replacing the c“ naturals with sharps. They called it ”Harris Dance“ as well, I seem to remember. I’m sure I have a recording of a piper or pipe-band playing a tune which sounded like ”Ceapaval“ when the name was announced, and it didn’t bear much resemblance to ”Harris Dance“ at all, as I recall. I’ll try to find the recording, but a ”Google" search might end the matter sooner.
What I heard of this CD was very good indeed. Eamonn’s one of the steadiest and most tasteful banjo players around. We’re lucky to have him over here living in Scotland. Kris, as well as being a fine singer, is one of the most inventive guitarists I’ve ever come across.
“Mick Finn’s”, on track 4 is an air associated with him - not the reel.

Harris Dance/Ceapaval

I think I have confirmation here on the Harris Dance/Ceapaval question.

I have known the Alastair Fraser version of Harris Dance too but on listening it only bears a slight resemblance to the tune played on Storymap. However, the Ossian version of Harris Dance on their ‘Light on a Distant Shore’ album is almost exactly how Eamon and Kris play what is called ‘Ceapaval’ here.


Harris Dance/Ceapaval

And on finally receiving the hard copy in the mail, the liner notes do indeed confirm that ‘Ceapaval’ is also known as ’The Harris Dance".

The tune ‘After the battle of Aughrim’ really reminds me of the melody of the song Hey Johnny Cope. Anyone else hear that?

Farewell to Stromness

This isn’t the Maxwell Davis piece, rather it a lovely song.

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