Fleadh Ceoil na hEireann ’75

By Various Artists

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  1. Queen Aiden
  2. The Pinch Of Snuff
  3. The Drunken Sailor
  4. Lament For O’Donnell
  5. The Hunter’s Purse
  6. Gan Ainm
    The Morning Dew
  7. The Wandering Minstrel
  8. Farewell To Ireland
  9. Lucy Campbell
  10. Drowsy Maggie
  11. The Wise Maid
  12. The Nine Points Of Roguery
    Walls Of Liscaroll
    March Of The King Of Laois
  13. The Chattering Magpies
    Gerry Commane’s
  14. Colonel Roger’s
    The Happy Days Of Youth
  15. The Woman With The Hairy Knees
  16. Breton Music
  17. The Maid From Muraclune
  18. Jackie Coleman’s
    Drowsy Maggie
  19. Rolling In The Ryegrass
    The Wind That Shakes The Barley
  20. Cherish The Ladies
  21. O’Callerhoun’s Farewell
    The Rakes Of Kildare

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An interesting recording…..

I’ll comment on this later, as I need to check some of the tune titles, most of which seem to have been made up. I’ll also list the musicians - among which is to be found a certain Michael Flatley - almost certainly his first commercial recordings.

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Fleadh 1975

Not entirely sure how this recording came to be made. There is a very diverse range of musicians recorded - see the list below - I have always assumed that some sort of mobile recording studio had been set up at the Buncrana Fleadh in 1975, and that the players had been invited to contribute music for the record.
I’m fairly certain that this would be the first commercial recording of Michael Flatley, who won the 16 - 18 Flute competition that year. He has 2 solo tracks - #6 and #14 - and he was certainly an accomplished player even at that age. The great Patsy Hanly appears on a couple of tracks too - possibly his first recording as well.
I’ve corrected titles, as many seem to have been made up.

Track #

1 - Dave Prim & Michael O’Grady [ voice and guitar ]
2 - Jacky Daly [ accordion ]
3 - “King’s Galliard” - group from Holland, whom I saw in Buncrana the following year on my first ever trip to Ireland
4 - Michael O’hAllmhain [ uilleann pipes ]
5 - Joe Harris [ Lilter ]
6 - Michael Flatley [ flute ]
7 - Jim McKillop, [ fiddle ], with Peter Short and Joe Ward [ bodhran and either spoons or bones ]
8 - Tom McGuire [ fiddle ] and Luis McManus [ flute ] - anyone know these guys ?
9 - Patsy Hanly [ flute ] “and friends”
10 - Tom McGuire [ fiddle ] & Patsy Hanly [flute ]
11 - Patsy Hanly [ flute ] “and friends”

12 - “King’s Galliard”
13 - Peter & Noel Carberry [ uilleann pipes ]
14 - Michael Flatley [ flute ]
15 - Sean O’Neill [ accordion ]
16 - Daniel Corcuffe & Alain Cloatre [ bombarde & warpipes ]
17 - Gabriel McArdle [ singer ]
18 - Un-named Ceili Band
19 - Michael O’hAllmhainn [ uilleann pipes ]
20 - Jacky Daly [ accordion ]
21 - “King’s Galliard”

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Which label released this album, Kenny?

I think Tom McGuire was from Leitrim.

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“Dolphin Records”, 3 Burgh Quay, Dublin.

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Thanks, Kenny.

That’s the label that Mary Black’s partner founded.

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track 8?

Would that be by any chance, Tom McGuire flute & Louis McManus fiddle? If so, it may be Louis McManus from Australia, a great fiddle and mandolin player, sadly no longer with us. There are not many recordings of him, I’d love to hear this one.

very possibly…..

Could well be “Louis” and not “Luis” - that would be by no means the only mistake on the album cover.
Track 10 is listed as by Tom McGuire & Patsy Hanly. It’s a flute / fiddle track, so I assumed that since PH is playing flute, TM must be the fiddle player. Track 8 is also flute and fiddle.
“An Phis Fhluich” - check your “private messages”.

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Dolphin Records?

Mary is certainly married to Joe O’Reilly who founded DARA records; I don’t know about the Dolphin Records connection.

all the best

Brian x

Re: Fleadh Ceoil na hEireann ’75

Mícheál ó hAlmhain.

Jackie is playing a 4 voice box here, and comping constantly on the basses, with chords being held down through bellows changes - maybe a B/C/C#? They made him learn B/C to enter the All Ireland, which he won, so he’d know how to play a big box too. He’s already trebling notes.