The Eastern Light

By The Dardanelles

  1. McCarthy’s Double
    Kitty Got A Clinkin’
    Diane’s Happiness
  2. Polly Moore
    The White Winged Diver
  3. Bad Boy
    Angeline The Baker
    Hughie Wentzell’s
  4. The Eastern Light
  5. Jim Rumbolt’s
    Gillis’ Favourite
  6. Old Jig #4
    Old Jig #6
  7. Pad’s Song
  8. Long Point
    Noel’s Din
  9. The Old Smythe
  10. River Of Ponds
    Annie Annie
  11. Big Bow Wow

Three comments

A great album from Newfoundland that was produced by John Doyle.

Great, great album! The tune sets sparkle -- I was particularly delighted to be introduced to the two old Emile Benoit-sourced tunes on track 6 -- and Matthew Byrne’s singing is a huge addition to the band.

Since @celticagent asked about the origins of the tunes, the ones I know of:

“River of Ponds”, “Annie Annie”, and “Jim Rumbolt’s” are doubles from the Rufus Guinchard repertoire. “McBen” is also from Rufus, I believe it goes back to Esau Payne. “Hughie Wentzell’s” is a single Rufus played.

“Diane’s Happiness”, “Long Point Reel”, and “Noel’s Din” are Emile Benoit compositions. “Old Jig #4” and “Old Jig #6” are old tunes Emile knew but didn’t have names for. I believe “Gillis’ Favourite” is a Cape Breton tune that Emile played.

“The White Winged Diver” is a composition of the Dardanelles’ box player, Aaron Collis.

“Angeline The Baker” is an American old time tune converted to a single.