The Yellow Haired Laddie

By Andy May

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"Andy May: The Yellow Haired Laddie" ~ Northumbrian pipes

Fellside Recordings - FECD174 - March 2003

Andy May - Northumbrian pipes, piano
Kathryn Tickell - fiddle, viola
Stan May - harmonica
Simon Haworth - guitar, cittern, bass, vocals
Simon James - poem

A lovely selection of melodies, but sadly I’ve only been able to catch fragments of this online, as yet not blessed with the full earful. However, here’s what reads like a fair review of this recording, Alex Monaghan, ‘The Living Tradition’:

& a fragment from that:

"Nine times open championship winner ~ About half the two dozen tunes here are from the Northumbrian tradition, or at least adopted long ago. The other half come mainly from Scotland, with a couple from Irish piping and one or two from the wider English tradition. ~ Technically, Andy May’s playing isn’t note perfect but it’s pretty close. Artistically, he’s well able to convey the Northumbrian tradition and he has plenty of his own ideas to try ~ 52 minutes of very fine music. ~ The whole thing is very nicely put together, with good sleeve notes too, so The Yellow Haired Laddie seems to be a winner all round." - Alex Monaghan

You’ll have to link over to ‘fill in the blanks’. It’s a nice little review…