Happy Hours

By Andy May

Three comments

"Andy May: Happy Hours" ~ Northumbrian pipes

Fellside Recordings - FECD224 - April 2009


Andy May - Northumbrian pipes, piano (piano on his composition "Ellington", track 6)
Andrew Davison - Northumbrian pipes (pipe duet: track 9)
Sophy Ball - fiddle
Julien Batten - accordion
Ian Stephenson - guitar, double bass
Benny Graham - vocals (song: track 11)

Make up your own mind, he has generously provided us full listens ~ if merely MP3s 😉 ~ here:


I had my doubts when reading "self-penned", expecting it might be top heavy with the usual ‘my’ compositions, but there’s only two of Andy’s. I enjoyed the listening so much I immediately ordered a copy so I can continue the pleasures with repeat listens. But don’t let me sway your decision, decide for yourself.

"Fred Picknell’s March" C: Andy May ~ and further comment on this CD 😎


Quoting myself 10/02/2013: "Yeah! There’s some fun stuff here, and it makes me smile. There were initial fears it might be yet another of those ~ an unbalanced focus on ‘my’ compositions. But no!, the pleasant surprises mount, there’s only two that are Andy’s, a fair percentage really, and they ain’t half bad. The Northumbrian pipes always seem to twang the giggle bone and the mixed meters raised some memories ~ the Adriatic and Eastern Europe, eating through a mountain of chip-sized whole fried fish (chips = French fries) , retsina, sheep’s cheeses, sheep, goats, badly polluted rivers, swearing in Serbo-Croat and Macedonian, and nursing a friend violently ill on home brewed Macedonian slivovic… And, finishing up this curious mix, track 13, with some lovely and spirited Galician muiñeiras, sigh! I immediately ordered a coyy for us… 😉 I love it!"

“Andy May: Happy Hours” ~ Northumbrian pipes - The Living Tradition review ~ Alex Monaghan


"The second CD from this champion young Northumbrian piper combines music from many traditions with two of Andy May’s own compositions and several of his friends’ tunes." ~ Shetland ~ Tyneside ~ Baltic ~ Northumbrian - 9/8 jigs - James Hill classics ~ highland pipe march ~ Galician jigs to finish. ~ a very enjoyable sequel to Andy May’s debut, full of fun and fine tunes, highly recommended." - Alex Monaghan