Flash Company

By The Outside Track

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  1. False Knight On The Road (Song)
  2. Reel De La Fesse Crampee
  3. Flash Company
  4. Welcome Sara Malaney
    Colin Rankin’s
    Billy MacLeod’s Testimonial
    Donegal Tinker
  5. Kelly Peck’s
    6-8 De Petit Sarny
  6. The Hawk And The Crow
  7. Fishcakes And Brandy
  8. Whitby Maid
  9. Inisvaddy Annie
  10. Bluebells Are Blooming
    Paddy Fahey’s #1
    I’ll Aye Come Back By Yon Toun
    Alasdair Fraser’s Welcome To Cape Breton
  11. Mountain Road (Song)

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Flash Company

I was impressed when I saw The Ouside Track live and this CD keeps up with my expectations. Inspired playing and singing. Music from various sources and countries blended together nicely. A joy to listen to.

the outside track

I also saw them live at last year´s Lunenburg Nova Scotia Folk Harbour festival and was very impressed. The photo, however, shows a different line-up, and it´s not the one which plays on Flash Company. There seems to be a new fiddle player and guitarist. So what happened to Mairi Rankin, their fiddle player on their last two recordings? Anybody who has any information on that?

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The Ouside Track

The lineup on this CD is:
Fiona Black - accordion, vocals
Cillian O Dalaigh - guitar, vocals
Mairi Rankin - fiddle, vocals
Norah Rendell - lead vocals, flute, whistles
Ailie Robertson - harp, vocals


@kuec: I know the line-up on Flash Company - I have the cd myself. What I tried to say is that the photograph at the top of this page does not show this cd´s lineup: it shows a different fiddler and a different guitar player. My question was if there is any information about why they have changed some of the musicians since they recorded Flash Company (maybe I should just have a look at the band´s homepage…)

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They haven’t. Look at the band’s homepage. The info from Last.fm would appear to be very old. Having said that I hadn’t realised that Alan Jordan or Sarah-Jane had been in the band previously.


This may be of interest - posted 2 days ago on the “Footstompin” website.

“The Outside Track will be back touring in the UK from 4-19th April; Songs, Tunes and Stepdance galore from Mairi Rankin (fiddle, stepdance), Ailie Robertson (harp), Fiona Black (accordion), Cillian O’Dalaigh (guitar, stepdance), and Teresa Horgan (vocals, flute)”.


..maybe not of so much interest if, as I now see, you’re in the south of Germany, but it does tell you who the current line up is. I shared the stage with them last August at a festival in the south-west of Scotland. I thought they were a very good group of highly-accomplished players. Unfortunately they’re not coming near Aberdeen this time, so I’ll probably miss them this tour.
Hmmm… just noticed, Norah Rendell seems to have left and been replaced.

Norah hasn’t left the band. She just isn’t on this tour due to babies, I believe.

Singular, as far as I know, arriving soon.

@kenny: thank you for giving the tour dates in the UK. I think I saw on their homepage that they will also play some concerts in the northern and middle part of Germany, but I forgot the dates. But as I said, I saw them in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia last summer and was duly impressed. Mairi Rankin was also in some fiddle workshops there, and we talked - a nice and very funny conversationalist

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In fact, born yesterday. Congratulations to Norah and Brian!