The Cleggan Bay Disaster

By Fleadh

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  1. Eastbound Train
  2. Castle Kelly
    Sligo Creek
  3. Hill Of Plenty
  4. Return From Fingal
    Heaton Chapel
  5. Row Home
  6. The Cleggan Bay Disaster
  7. Trip To Brittany
    Sliabh Russel
    Scarce O’ Tatties
    Lost And Found
  8. Sally Brown
  9. Cahir’s Kitchen
  10. Ace And Deuce Of Pipering
  11. The Ballad Of John B. Whistlin’
  12. Tongadale
    New Rigged Ship
  13. The Curragh Song

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This is a five-piece group from Germany fronted by singer/songwriter Saoirse Mhor. He wrote five of the songs including the title track.

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