By Kathryn Tickell Band

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  1. Signs:
    When Love Breaks Down
    The First Time
  2. Sully’s
  3. Phil The Greek:
    Fill The Tankard
    The Greek Tune
  4. 12th Of January
    Mary MacMaster
  5. F Tunes:
    The ‘F’ Riff
    Sarah Macmanus
  6. Rainbow
    Farewell To Tchernobyl
  7. Brian’s Jigs:
    Donegal Lasses
  8. Answerphone Set:
    Alice’s Reel
    The Kingfisher
  9. 4 Wishes:
    3 Wishes
    The Right Jacket
  10. Saturday Night:
    La Bettaille Dan La P’tit Arbre
    The Saturday Night
  11. Abid
  12. Polkas:
    Hoagie’s Diner
  13. Westoe

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Re: Signs

Kathryn Tickell : Northumbrian Pipes, Fiddle and piano
Karen Tweed: Piano accordion
Ian Carr: Acoustic and Electric Guitars:
Geoff Lincoln: Fretted and Fretless Bass guitar
Bruce Arthur: Percussion
Penny Callow: Cello
Paul Smith: Drums

Black Crow Records CRO CD 230

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Re: Signs, Track 9, “3 Wishes”

This link is perhaps rather tenuously connected to the main purpose of the session, but it’s not every day there is some excuse to link music listed on thesession to a track where both Ornette Coleman and Jerry Garcia play (giants of American music who also shared Kathryn’s compulsion to explore areas beyond their safe home territories and markets). However, track 9 tune 1 is based on “3 Wishes”, first recorded on Virgin Beauty, by Ornette Coleman and his Prime Time ensemble, released in 1988. Jerry Garcia played on on three tracks, including this one.

Some purists might think Kathryn Tickle shouldn’t be on thesession either (but thank you Nicholas for all the earlier listings and comments)(and thank you Jeremy for permitting tenuously linked digressions). However, still no listing here of her latest CD, Kathryn Tickell & The Darkening “Hollowbone” (Resilient, 2019)(sorry, I haven’t actually bought it so can’t do the honours). Nor any reference to her great radio shows for the BBCs Music Planet series

There are a few more signs on Signs of some of the many directions taken later in Kathryn’s music, and collaborations with other outstanding musicians, such as Karen Tweed here.

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