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If you’re a fiddler and you haven’t heard this album you should get it—this was when there was still a lot of warmth in FG’s playing.

Jackson’s: there are two reels here that commonly go by this name. I *think* that Tommy Peoples says that he wrote the first one and that it’s not called "Jackson’s." Can’t remember what he said he calls it.

Conert Reels: two reels here that apparently go by that name.

Congress: the first one is the Congress reel, the second is a fairly common G reel that I don’t have a name for (apparently neither did they).

Peacock’s Feather: includes both the Dmin and Dmaj hornpipes that commonly go by this name.

Charles O’Connor: An O’Carolan tune, I think formally called "Planxty Charles O’Connor" in O’Carolan tune books.

Pigeon on the Gate: includes a second Emin tune I don’t know the name of.

I have to disagree, I think there’s just as much warmth in his playing today as there ever was. This album was recorded off the cuff when visiting in NYC. Many of the tune names were off, but it doesn’t hurt the great music one little bit. A great album but tune your fiddle up to Eb if you want to play along…….

this is one of my favourite albums and that second ‘Jackson’ tune in particular really gets to me.
thanks for posting it,pchaffee!

As Brad says this album was recorded off the cuff and that’s what good about it too. It’s full of good tunes played "live" in the studio uncluttered by fussy arrangements. It still sounds as good now as it did then. There’s an awful lot of listening in this album!

Frankie & Alec

As good a fiddle record as was ever made, but, boy, did they screw up the sleeve notes on Side B. Here’s help in finding the tunes in the "Session" database.

Track 1 - "Martin Wynne’s / Austin Tierney’s". Searching for "Martin Wynne’s" goes to "Martin Wynne’s #3". You want the reel in D posted on 1st November 2001.
Track 3 - "The Peacock’s Feather" - 2 hornpipes. Both are in the database. [Compare the 2nd one with "The Glasgow Highlanders".]
Track 6 - "Jackson’s" - 1st reel is "La Cosa Mulligan" by Tommy Peoples. [ I don’t see the 2nd one, unless it’s in under a different name - I’ll post it soon, if no-one else does. ]
Track 7 - ["The Pigeon On The Gate". ] The Pigeon is not on this album at all. First track on Side B is 2 reels - "The Turnpike Gate" and "The Killavil Fancy".
Track 8 - [listed as "Ryan’s"]. The 2 reels are "The Bunch Of Green Rushes" and "Mother’s Delight".
Track 9 - [listed as "The Bunch Of Green Rushes" and "Sean Frank".] 9th track is in fact the 4-part "Murphy’s " hornpipe in D.
Track 10 - [ listed as "Murphy’s". ] 2 reels on whistle - "The Congress Reel" & "The Humours Of Loughrea".
Track 11 - [ "The Congress" ] - on my LP, this is "The Cup Of Tea" , for the second time !
Track 12 - "The Concert" - first reel is the "Concert", 2nd one I’ve always known as "Callaghan’s".
It should also be mentioned that his recording is as memorable for the accompaniment as much as the fiddle playing.

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Classic zouk, cover and sleeve notes

1. Bouzouki classic. there are many classic fiddle albums. This album is more unique more unique for the work of Alec Finn on the 6 string zouk. The zouk before the Greeks or even the Irish modernised it. Its up there in the rare pantheon of fretted instrument classics with Mick Moloney and his mandolin.
2. Classic hairdos. The album cover is cheap to say the least. Someone took a photo of Frankie and Alec and cut it out with scissors and pasted it onto the background. This just emphasises the fantastically dated hair styles. A true wonder of bad taste sleeve art. Did someone on the session say Shanachie did a good job with album art?
3. Classic sleeve notes. Lots here, including the screwed up tune names, but with included manuscript dots. But the classic is the instruction to turn the right channel up to get more bouzouki or down to get less. It was clearly a message to traditionalists that you didn’t really have to listen to the imported greek zouk if you were offended.

I’ll kill Kenny πŸ˜‰

Sorry Kenny, but I heard well the pigeon cooing on the gate. You seems to have a very bizarre LP, see what I find and heard on side B:

7. The Pigeon On The Gate, Dobbin’s Flowery Vale (reels)
8. The Turnpike Gate, The Killavil Fancy (reels)
9. The Bunch Of Green Rushes, Mother’s Delight (reels)
10. Murphy’s (hornpipe)
11. The Congress, The Humours Of Loughrea (reels)
12. The Concert, Callaghan’s (reels)

You can verify it by listening and comparing to The Session’s tunes database:

The Pigeon On The Gate:
Dobbin’s Flowery Vale:
The Turnpike Gate:
The Killavil Fancy:
The Bunch Of Green Rushes:
Mother’s Delight:
The Congress:
The Humours Of Loughrea:
The Concert:

Hope it cans help fans of Frankie’s tunes πŸ™‚

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Moi ?

How do you know it’s not you who’s got the "bizarre" LP ?

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It would appear that pchaffee who made the original posting, has the same LP as me, as his listings are identical to mine.

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Pps -

and never use the word "kill" next to my name, "smiley" or not. I don’t find that amusing.

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I’ll Kilkenny

pchaffee has only copy titles from his LP’s cover, happily you have the same cover, and me too ! I said you have a strange LP because tracks’ titles do not correspond to what you heard. But it’s not the case for mine. That’s why I wrote that yours could be "bizarre" πŸ™‚

Of course, I only used "kill" to play upon words (look at the title of this comment).

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Pigeon is definitely on there

It’s a slightly different setting from what you commonly hear, but unmistakably a Gated Pigeon…

Re: Pps

Sorry. It was not a good idea to write such bad pun, as I’m not a native english-speaking person.

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Drowsy Maggie on this recording


Does anyone have the sheet music/tabs for this version of Drowsy Maggie?? It sounds like he plays it half a step up from the most commonly played version in Em, but I just can’t figure out the B part. A transcription would be helpful! I looked through all the Drowsy Maggie tunes on this site but couldn’t find anything that was close to Frankie’s recording.


Drowsy Maggie

Monica - that’s spooky, I was listening to Frankie and Alec right as you were typing that and thinking I must look up their tune. Actually what they play is a version of the Reel With the Birl: Their setting doesn’t perfectly match any of those but they’ll get you started. Perhaps their source called this tune Drowsy Maggie - on the recording of Willie Clancy he remarks after playing it that it’s a bit like D.M.

what pub was it recorded in, etc. info, anybody?

What pub was it recorded in, who recorded, etc. info, anybody?
..and I’m with you on Reel With the Birl.