The Thrush in the Storm

By Dervish

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The Thrush in the Storm

I first heard music from this album at a concert in Green Lake, WI on March 1, 2013, the first day of the band’s St. Patrick’s tour for the year. Singer Cathy Jordan said the album was hot off the press, that "the ink may not be dry yet." Although the band has been around for years, their music is still fresh, always interesting, with tasteful arrangements of several trad tunes and songs. My favorite on the album is the barndance "Maggie’s Lilt" in a set with "Jimmy Batty’s," a John Carty composition, and "The Rookery" by Vincent Broderick. It’s a great set.

But there are eleven other cuts on the album, including "The Green Gowned Lass," a set including "The Man in the Bog," "Drummond Castle," "Milky Way" and "The Green Gowned Lass." Cathy’s singing is beautiful and unique, as always, and is perfect in the "Snoring Biddy," backed up by the accomplished mandola playing of Brian McDonagh, bazouki playing of Michael Holmes and box playing of Shane Mitchell.

The last track on the album features some great fiddling by Tom Morrow to kick off the set "The Thrush in the Storm," including an unknown tune, "Paddy O’Brien’s" and "The Thrush in the Storm." If you’ve enjoyed the music on the band’s previous albums, you’ll very much enjoy this one, too. If you haven’t been exposed to the band’s music yet, it would be a fitting introduction, although I"d recommend "Decade" or "Live at Palma" first. Highly recommended.

Here are the instrumental sets and tunes included in each:
-The Green Gowned Lass (The Man In the Bog/Drummond Castle/Milky Way/The Green Gowned Lass)
-Maggie’s Lilt (Maggie’s Lilt/Jimmy Batty’s/The Rookery)
-The Rolling Wave (The Sheep in the Boat/The Rolling Wave)
-The Corner House (The Mooncoin reel/Unknown/The Corner House reel)
-The Harp and Shamrock (Josie Begley’s Fancy/The Harp and Shamrock)
-The Thrush in the Storm (Unknown/Paddy O’Brien’s/The Thrush in the Storm)

Great concert and album

We were at that concert! Great night~ had a blast. ;)