Dancing Mad in the Midnight Air

By Finvarra’s Wren

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  1. New Mown Meadows
    Monaghan Twig
    The Ivy Leaf
  2. Never Go To Funerals Until The Peoples Dies
  3. General Banter
  4. My Johnny
    Brenda Stubbert’s
  5. The Hag At The Spinning Wheel
    Hurry The Jug
    The Sweet Briar
  6. More General Banter
  7. The Orchard
  8. Still More Banter
  9. Down Our Street
  10. And Still More
  11. Slán Abhaile
  12. The Tempest

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Recorded Live at the Ark

This is the latest album from the fantastic band Finvarra’s Wren. It was recorded live at the Ark in Ann Arbor, MI. The CD does a great job of capturing the energy and humour of the band’s live performances, and some of the introductions to the tunes and songs have been included.

I’m probably a little biased, but this is my favourite band, and it’s a great CD!

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Love —

…this recording.

Pretty fond of the band also.

How can we get a copy?

Getting a copy

Hi Sol,

Probably the best bet is in person at one of their gigs, however you can get their email at the bottom of the main page of their website: http://finvarraswren.com/ and most likely order it from them through email.


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Nico, considering that "get it at one of their gigs" hasn’t worked for me in the last five months, I’m not holding my breath.

Well definitely email them! I don’t think they’ve set it up to be ordered anywhere else.

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