The Valley Of Tees

By Vin Garbutt

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  1. Danny Danielle
  2. Johnny Harte
  3. The Glens Of Sweet Mayo
  4. Gallagher’s Frolics
    The Sally Gardens
    The High
  5. The Valley Of Tees
  6. Barney Brallaghan’s Courtship
  7. Tim LeBlanc
  8. Pat O’Donnell
  9. The White Hart
    Richard Dwyer’s
  10. Streets Of Staithes
  11. Mr. Gunman

Three comments

Vin Garbutt’s first album

Released in 1972, this was the first of several recordings by a singer / songwriter and musician who has been one of the most popular performers on the UK folk scene for the last 40 years. He has a very individual style of whistle playing, and this recording features 2 instrumental selections, plus a mixture of traditional, contemporary and original songs. He is also still one of the funniest and most entertaining performers around, and a singer and musician whom I have huge respect for.
I was surprised to see that only one of his recordings has been listed here, but that’s maybe because he’s not as well-known in Irish music circles as he deserves to be. I don’t think this, or many of his 1970s recordings have ever been re- released on CD, which is a shame. He’s still around, if you get a chance to hear him, do go.

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Credit where it’s due….

The sleeve notes say that Vin learned the tunes on track 4 "from the playing of Bernie Harrington, an Irish fiddle player living in Maida Vale".

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I’ve always been wonderfully entertained by Vin Garbutt. He has always managed the perfect balance between off-the-wall humour and serious message and I’ve never left a Vin Garbutt concert feeling anything other than uplifted.