Steele’s Rock

By Johnny McCarthy

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Johnny McCarthy’s "Steele’s Rock"

Just what you’d expect from Johnny - new and old tunes played in his unique style: sensitive, artistic, elegant, delicate, precise, evocative and, above, inventive. And, at 18 tracks, there’s a lot of music there.

To take two ends of the scale (the old and the new), there’s two very common tunes on track 12 - "Banish Misfortune and Cliffs of Moher" - and Johnny has buffed them up to become the polished gems they should always be. You won’t hear them in quite the same way again.

Then there’s a great composition from Johnny’s son Conor - it could be mistaken for a Paddy Fahy tune - "Will This Winter Never End?"

Profits from the sale of the recording, as with Johnny’s first album "Solo Run", will be going to help the Clare Cancer Centre, a very worthy cause, so buy plenty of copies of this wonderful album for all your friends (see