Pure Bodhrán: The Definitive Collection

By Various Artists

  1. Simply A
  2. Jig Jungle
  3. Feach
  4. Beautiful Lake Ainslie
    The Humours Of Bandon
  5. The Flail
    The Long Journey
    Inches To Dublin
    Splendid Isolation
  6. The Humours Of Tulla
    The Red Bee
  7. One Last Cold Kiss
  8. Lark On The Strand
    Four Mile Stone
    The Mountain Top
  9. An Phis Fhliuch
  10. The Happy Aunt
    The Central Line
    The Paper Bird
  11. Lad O’Beirnes
    McGovern’s Favourite
    Derry Craig Wood
  12. Estonian
  13. The Dunmore Lasses
    The Galway Rambler
  14. Jimmy Doyle’s
  15. Sean Reid’s
    The Drunken Landlady
  16. Mominsko Horo
  17. The Bodhrán Song
  18. The Legacy
    The Tar Road To Sligo
  19. Whirl-Y-Reel 1

Three comments

Title List from CDs

On the CD the credits mention the bodhrán player on each track, plus varying amounts of detail on the other musicians/band names.

1. Simply A - Tommy Hayes, Ronan Browne, Meta Costelloe
2. Jig Jungle - Robbie Harris, Peter Browne, Charlie Foley
3. Feach - Ronan O Snodaigh, Kila
4. Beautiful Lake Ainslie - Jimmy Higgins, Alan Kelly, Steve Cooney
5. Cathals Favourite - Damien Quinn, Cian
6. Humours of Tullagh - Donnacha Goff, Danu
7. Two Island Swans - Dave Donohoe, Tony Davoren
8. Lark on the Strand - Cathy Jordan, Dervish
9. Phis Fluich - Brian Flemming, Sean Whelan, Paul Kelly
10. Calico- John Joe Kelly, Flook

1. Cottage in the Grove - Christie Moore, Nollaig Casey, Arty McGlynn
2. Estonian Waltz - Kevin Conneff
3. Dunmore Lassies - John Reynolds, Tom Morrison
4. The Lonesome Polkas - Colm Murphy, Jackie Daly, Seamus Graegh
5. Sean Reids - Johnny McDonagh, Mary Bergin, Alec Finn
6. Mominsko Horo - Donal Lunny, Arty McGlynn, Nollaig Casey
7. The Bodhrán Song - Gino Lupari, Ron Cavan
8. The Legacy Jig/Tar Road to Sligo - Glen Velez, Joanny Madden, Jerry O’Sullivan
9. Whirily Reel 1 - James McNally, AfroCeltSoundSystem

amendments still needed

I’ve been unable to trace the tunes being played on tracks 1, 2, and 12 (it’s not the same Estonian Waltz that’s currently listed on the site even though it has picked up that link)

The Cottage in the Grove is also a different tune to the one that has auto-linked here, but you can get the version played on the CD as an ABC from Henrik Norbeck: http://www.norbeck.nu/abc/

It may be listed on this site under a different title, but of no-one can pin it down to an existing tune then I’ll add it later, as it’s a nice one.

recording edited…

This CD takes a rather laid back approach to tune names! Track 11 (1st track on CD 2) ‘Cottage in the Grove’ now updated as McGovern’s Favourite.