Classic Celtic Music from Smithsonian Folkways

By Various Artists

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  1. Love At The Endings
    John McGrath’s
  2. As I Roved Out
  3. Border Spirit
  4. ’Twas Early, Early In The Spring
  5. Devil Among The Tailors
  6. The Rocks Of Bawn
  7. Whiskey Island
  8. D-tigeas Ó Deabhasa (Children’s Game Song)
  9. Trip O’er The Mountain
  10. The Strayaway Child
    The Lark In The Morning
  11. The Queen Of May
  12. The Bonny Bunch Of Roses
  13. The Galway Rambler
  14. The Mountain Road
  15. Bushes And Briars
  16. Tifty’s Annie
  17. The Pearl Wedding
    Nancy Taylor’s
  18. Derry
  19. With My Pit Boots On
  20. The Young Sailor Cut Down In His Prime
  21. Bonnie Kate
    Jenny’s Chickens
  22. Glenlogie
  23. Martin Wynne’s No. 1
    Martin Wynne’s No. 2
    Martin Wynne’s No. 3
    Martin Wynne’s No. 4

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Billy Pigg

Very true; in fact, they covered Northumbrian instrumental much pretty well in their CD “Northumbrian Rant”. Maybe those folks are not Celt-IC, but they are Celt-OID. (a friend says that “Celtoids” sounds like a skin disease).

Finally, I have never gotten the appeal of Shirley Collin’s breathy voice, but she seems much beloved by the English folkies.

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