Live at Finnegan’s Wake

By The Ned Devines

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Tune links

Yeah, so, many of these links are not correct and I’m not sure how to correct them here. But the recording is available on iTunes and CDBaby.


Track 1 link to "Pipe On The Hob" goes to the wrong one. Since there are 2 well-known jigs with the same name, it’s a 50/50 tossup as to whether or not it will link to the correct one. On this occasion, we lost.
Track 2 - the band ‘s fault. The jig they call "The Butlers Of Glen Avenue" is "The Roaring Barmaid". They’re not the first band to make that mistake.
Track 7 - if they’d given the 2nd tune its’ Shetland title "Da New Rigged Ship", the link would be OK. Unfortunately there’s another tune been posted called "New Rigged Ship" so the link goes there.
Track 14 - first tune, is "The Thornton Jig", not "Thornton’s" - a minor difference, but by calling it "Thornton’s", that creates a wrong link.

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