The Solid Gold Collection CD1

By The Dubliners

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  1. The Rocky Road To Dublin
  2. The Wild Rover
  3. The Donegal
    The Longford Collector
  4. The Sea Around Us
  5. The Greenland Whales Fisherie
  6. The High Reel =
    Sporting Nell
    The Boyne Hunt
  7. McAlpine’s Fusiliers
  8. The Hot Ashpelt
  9. The Cook In The Kitchen
  10. The Leaving Of Liverpool
  11. Off To Dublin In The Green
  12. Peggy Lettermore
  13. The Banks Of The Roses
  14. The Foggy Dew
  15. The Ragman’s Ball
  16. The Sligo Maid
    Colonel Rodney
  17. Love Is Pleasing
  18. The Holy Ground

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Yet another compilation…

CD 1 from one of many compilation recordings of the band. A lot of their “greatest hits”, although I would have preferred a few more songs from Luke Kelly, rather than Ronnie Drew - mind you, I haven’t heard CD 2 of this set, so the balance might be redressed there.
One thing I have wondered about before, and don’t know if it’s ever been mentioned here. “The Cook In The Kitchen” features uilleann pipes, presumably being played by a guest piper. Does anyone know who he / she was ?

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Re: The Solid Gold Collection CD1 - Track 6: a medley of Sporting Nell/The Boyne Hunt

Compilation of tracks from the Transatlantic years.

Edit comments:
“The High Reel”, track #6 : starts with (possibly) “Sporting Nell” (at least when I compared McKenna’s tune with some of the versions at, and ends
with The Boyne Hunt.

The actual “High Reel” is the second tune in the medley just titled “Swallows Tail Reel” on the 2nd CD in this “Solid Gold Collection” set. Both tracks appear on the original “The Dubliners” (1964 album) (Transatlantic, and on the CD bonus track edition from Castle and/or Sanctuary labels.


There is also a great transcription of this medley (and other tunes). I have not asked permission to post them here, so I just post the link to his website.

see also:

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