If You Are Irish

By Frank Quinn

  1. If You Are Irish
  2. Rafferty’s
  3. Paddy McGinty’s Goat
  4. The Rakes Of Drummlish
  5. Molly In The Woods
  6. The Tan Yard Side
  7. The Westport Chorus
  8. The Shan Van Vought
  9. Paddy Doyle
  10. The Leg Of The Duck
  11. Eddie Dunn’s Favorite
  12. Going To The Fair
  13. Donovan’s
  14. Good Bye Mike, Good Bye Pat
  15. The Old Tea Kettle
  16. Green Grow The Rushes Oh
  17. The Four Courts Highland
  18. Far Away In Australia
  19. The Peeler And The Goat
  20. The New Found Out
  21. One Night I Came Home To My Kitty
  22. Jersey Lightning
  23. The Emerald Medley
  24. The Bunch Of Rushes
  25. An Irish Farewell

One comment

“Frank Quinn: If You Are Irish”

Arhoolie - CD 7033
http://www.arhoolie.com/world/frank-quinn-if-you-are-irish.html?sl=EN ~

An extraordinary entertainer and musician, Frank Quinn recorded quite extensively from the mid-1920s to the mid-30s. He was a great accordionist, a good fiddler, and a wonderfully expressive singer and lilter. All of his talents are well-represented on this CD.

REVIEW: “Quinn was a decent fiddler, shown here on a number of instrumentals . . . he had a pleasant, older style. Also there are a few diatonic accordion numbers; again he holds his own. If you lean toward the highly ornamented jig and reel medleys or the orchestrated ‘Celtic’ sound of today, this may not be your cup of tea, but if you have a soft spot in your heart for Irish nostalgic numbers, well done, this is a winner.”
(Kerry Blech — Victory Review)