Morning Moon

By Jenna Reid

  1. Untitled March
    AA Gladstone
    Beth’s Big Day
  2. Hei Tutti Tetti
    Johnny In The Nether Mains
  3. KT Boyle’s
    Morning Moon
  4. Leaving Lerwick Harbour
  5. Light And Airy
    Bert Ferguson
  6. Goran Berg’s
  7. Big Dougal
  8. Burravoe
    Uncle Jarm
    Third Time Lucky
  9. The Greenside
  10. Not Lie Down
  11. Archie Neil Chisholm
    One For Us
  12. Nellie’s Favourite

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Jenna Reid - Morning Moon

Not worthy of comment by the submitter, clearly…

“Award winning Shetland Fiddler, Jenna Reid (Blazin’ Fiddles, Transatlantic Sessions, Filska, Dochas, Deaf Shepherd) is fresh from the studio as she releases her third solo album. ‘Morning Moon’ is out on Lofoten Records and showcases the stunning slow airs and fiery fiddling that Jenna has become known for. A rich collection of traditional and contemporary tunes is on offer here for fiddle fans and music lovers all over the world. ”

Available here:, which, from the samples, sounds amazing - as expected from Jenna Reid of course 🙂

And a Footstompin review: