By Mairearad Green And Anna Massie

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  1. Bob And Alison’s
    T-Shirts In March
  2. Life In The Vass Lane
    The Forbearance Of Richmond Lusher
  3. Ellie’s March
    McCrea’s Delight
  4. Teviot Bridge
    The Knocknagree
    Paddy Spillane’s
    Dan Sweeney’s
  5. Polska Fran Sormland
  6. Miss Ann Moir’s Birthday
    You Can’t Play A House
    John & Eddi’s Wedding
    Lochiel’s Awa’ Tae France
  7. The Miramachee Chinook
    Miss Proud
  8. Longnancy’s
    The Rollercoaster
    Cathedral Cave
  9. The Holycross
    Key Largo
  10. Professor Delbert’s Birthday
    Biddy From Sligo
  11. Party In My Tank
    Anna Massie’s
    Alistair And Annie’s Cottage
  12. Frank Mor’s
    Åstols Rökeri

Three comments

Doubling, by Mairearad and Anna

Available here:

"Two of Scotland’s most revered multi-instrumentalists, Mairearad Green and Anna Massie are back, with their new album ‘Doubling’ and its 19-date UK launch tour.

This second recording from the award-winning musicians displays formidable technical skill, alongside their trademark playful delivery and out-and-out joy of making music together, altogether showcasing the collective fruits of duo partnership at the highest level.

Featuring Mairearad on accordion, pipes and keyboard, and Anna on guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, tenor guitar and make-shift percussion, ‘Doubling’ not only demonstrates the pair’s seemingly infinite abilities as musicians, but also as producers and composers.

Mairearad and Anna’s joy of making music together evidently reflects in their live performances, as well as their recorded material. World music and travel magazine Songlines proclaimed, of their debut album, that “the camaraderie and sheer fun of musical collaboration is plainly evident and infectious.”, whilst they have also garnered five-star reviews in The Scotsman, and a fan-base featuring KT Tunstall, who saw them by chance at Glasgow’s Celtic Connections festival in 2012, and took to Twitter to praise the duo; “You guys were killing it…amazing playing!”"

I meant to add,

Some of these track names are complete (i.e. separated out into their tunes, tracks 1,2,6,9,10), but the others aren’t, as I have no sleeve notes so can’t check 🙁

Fill in as you wish!