The Time Has Come

By Christy Moore

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  1. Faithful Departed
  2. Nancy Spain
  3. Lanigan’s Ball
  4. All I Remember
  5. Lakes Of Pontchartrain
  6. Don’t Forget Your Shovel
  7. The Wicklow Boy
  8. The Time Has Come
  9. Go, Move, Shift
  10. The Curragh Of Kildare
  11. Sacco And Vanzetti
  12. Section 31
  13. Only Our Rivers Run Free

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Christy Moore

Can’t understand why there’s only 3 [ now 4 ] of Christy’s many recordings posted here. A recording made in 1983, this album is a mixture of traditional, contemporary and original songs, accompanied throughout by Donal Lunny. I prefer his more traditional "The Iron Behind The Velvet", from 1978, [ a real classic ], but this record shows the direction of his musical progression from that, where his choice of songs was becoming more political, and including more acerbic comment on contemporary social issues. "Don’t Forget Your Shovel", always raises a smile, and I do admit to a liking for "Nancy Spain".

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