Original Tin Whistle Session Tunes

By Olaf Sickmann

Two comments

Original Tin Whistle Session Tunes - official release

Tin Whistle-Maniac! It is not at all unusual for a German these days to feel attracted to Irish Music. But it is quite extraordinary, what the composer, guitarist and tin whistle player Olaf Sickmann has done. At the Beginning of the 90ies he started playing the tin whistle while touring in Galway/Ireland with his rock band. He fell in love with the little flute when he heard a street musician play. His primary aim was then: “In a year’s time I’ll be the best tin whistle player in the world”. 20 years, 6 Solo-CD’s, about 300 tin whistle compositions in Irish Trad Style and hundreds of sessions in Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand and Germany later one thing has remained: An unlimited enthusiasm for the small Irish flute one can buy for a few Euros in every music store. On his new CD Original Tin Whistle Session Tunes he has recorded 20 of his pieces and he has put the sheet music for them onto the CD as well. Before releasing the CD, he has sent it to renowned American Tin Whistle-Maker John Sindt among others. Sindt’s comment: „I not only enjoyed your CD, I was impressed with the tunes you composed. Congratulations, great job!!“