Welcome to the Dene

By Willie Taylor

  1. Kenny Gilles Of Portnalong
    Kerry’s Welcome To The Dene
  2. Sherlock’s
    Shining Pool
    Seven Stars
  3. Andy Ross Two Step
  4. Dance De Chez Nous
    Aunt Mary’s Canadian
    Neil Taylor’s
  5. Mrs Helen Robertson
    The Glakey
  6. John MacDonald’s March
    Susan Stewart
    Ian McPhail’s Compliments To Chrissie Leatham
  7. Partans In His Creel
    Farewell To The Dene
    Turriff Schottische
  8. Tich’s
    Pearl Wedding
    Nancy Taylor’s
  9. Hopeman
    Road To Ballisodare
  10. Alistair J Sim
    Snowy Monday
    Christine Taylor’s
  11. Westphalia
  12. Drystane Dyker
    Roland And Cynthia Taylor
    Cave Hill
  13. Lament For Lockerbie
  14. Burnhervie Picnic
    John Gideon Jamieson
    Willie Taylor’s Fiddle
  15. Patchwork
  16. Rev Peter Fenton
    Jean Kirkpatrick’s Fancy
    Kinclaven Brig

Three comments

some details

Willie Taylor - Welcome to the Dene
with Margaret Couper piano
Common Ground CGR C008 Cassette tape 1991
I don’t believe this was released as a LP or CD
I think Willie would have had a wry smile at his name sake from last.fm

Side 1
1 Kenny Gilles of Portnalong (P MacFarquharson), Kerry’s Welcome To The Dene (W Taylor) 2’36

2 Sherlock’s Hornpipe, Shining Pool (W Taylor), Seven Stars (A Harper) 2’40

3 Andy Ross Two Step (I Duncan, B Watt) 3’05

4 Dance De Chez Nous, Aunt Mary’s Canadian, Neil Taylor’s Jig (W Taylor) 3’15

5 Mrs Helen Robertson (AS Robertson), The Glakey (E Kirby) 4’00

6 John MacDonald’s March (J Shand), Susan Stewart, Ian McPhail’s Compliments to Chrissie Leatham (I McPhail) 4’00

7 Partons in his Creels (A Windwick), Farewell to the Dene (W Taylor), Turiff Schottische 3’15

8 Tich’s Reel, Pearl Wedding, Nancy Taylor’s Reel (all W Taylor) 2’48

Side 2
1 Hopeman Hornpipe (C Sherrit), Kirkgate, Road to Ballysodare 2’35

2 Alister J Sims, Snowy Monday Jig, Christine Taylor’s Jig (all W Taylor) 3’15

3 Westphalia Waltz 3’10

4 Drystane Dyker (C Sherrit), Roland and Cynthia Taylor (B Black), Cave Hill 2’35

5 Lament for Lockerbie (A Fitchet) 2’55

6 Burnhervie Picnic (J Morgan), John Gideon Jamieson (I McPhail), Willie Taylor’s Fiddle (L Robertson) 2’00

7 Patchwork Polka 2’35

8 Rev Peter Fenton, Jean Kirkpatrick’s Fancy, Kinclavin Brig (all A Rennie)

Thanks Nick, appreciated. Some day I hope to score at least a set of WAVs for this.

Had to correct that:- "partans" rather than "partons". Mind you, I’m sure many an Orcadian fisherman would be pleased to find Dolly Parton in a creel. A "partan" is a crab.
BTW, it’s E.Kirkby. Two ‘k’s.